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Night at Karlštejn in Perth

Thanks to the director of the Czech School Perth Jitka Smith for a wonderful report about the Night at Karlštejn in Perth !! 

Czech school Perth also joined the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the birth of the King Charles IV. And because the life of Charles IV was really rich, we have dedicated the whole weekend to the him. And where else to spend the weekend then at Karlštejn, or in Perry Lakes Reserve, in a beautifully re-decorated clubhouse that really looked like our famous castle. More than 30 children gathered here in costumes and could experience the wonderful time of the Pater Patriae, or Father of the Country.

Through the games and various activities, the children learned a lot about the time and life of Charles IV. The day started with a hunt for a secret book – the Chronicle of the History of the Brave Czech nation. After completing the puzzle with the portrait of Charles IV, the life of the Emperor was introduced to the children. After that the children were enthusiastically building the New City of Prague. A mysterious figure was walking among them, listening to what the people in the city talked about. This person was His Majesty Charles IV himself… who let the others play King for a while too. The New City of Prague needed a bridge as well. That is why Charles IV announced a run for the best architect. The children enjoyed building the bridge with real eggs, singing (because the work is a bit easier with a song…). They also made the crown jewels and were searching for the gems to decorate the jewels with them. They even started the reconstruction of Karlštejn.

After such a hard work, the King invited all for a wonderful feast. The food was served on silverware and the hottest invention - forks - could not be missed out J We were playing and singing. After the feast, the youngest children left with their parents and the others continued… The night treasure hunt was on! During the way, they, however, needed to prove that they had the same qualities as the Emperor himself and that they knew a lot about him. Even though they fulfilled all the tasks, the weather did not allow them to finish the treasure hunt. We had to postpone it until the morning and were singing with the guitar instead.

And yes – after the royal breakfast the children found a chest full of gems and gold coins. They shared the treasure fairly. The night at Karlštejn was coming to an end and nobody wanted to go home. For some of the children, this was the very first night without their parents, but they did not miss them at all thanks to everything that was happening around. So, instead of the Night with Andersen, we spent a night with Charles IV (Mr. Andersen will definitely forgive us, we did not miss out the books). This was the first whole-weekend event of the Czech School Perth and definitely not the last one. We all are already looking forward for more to come!!   

Jitka Smith, Perth