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Night with Andersen in Sydney

In the 16th year of the project Night with Andersen, which was held at more than 1,500 locations throughout the Czech Republic and overseas, prepared by the Czech and Slovak school in Sydney with great games and readings for kids and their parents.

Fairytale evening was hosted by Czech and Slovak children Mach and Šebestová and the Magic Phone, allowing the children to look into all continents. In Africa, for example, children were searching for African animals and learned about their way of life. In Europe they played a memory game and they were learning about the European sights. One of the tasks was also compiling names of Czech and Slovak tales.


In the second part of the evening, thanks to the Magic Phone, Hans Christian Andersen himself arrived and talked with kids about his life and about writing fairy tales and joined the reading. Since the theme of this year's Night with Andersen was the 180th anniversary of writing the fairy tale The Little Mermaid, children, parents and teachers Czech and Slovak schools read this tale in Czech -Slovak version.

The children then together with teachers also played Czech-Slovak version of the famous play about Koblížek (Pampúšik) and at the end they all together sang a song by Zdenek Sverak to celebrate Zdenek's 80th birthday.


Plnění úkolů (PDF, 449 KB)


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