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Reasons to invest in the Czech Republic

(This article expired 31.10.2022.)

It is the CzechInvest as the investment and business development agency of the Czech Republic whose services and development programmes contribute to attracting foreign investment and to developing Czech companies. CzechInvest promotes the Czech Republic abroad as a suitable destination for investments.

The agency arranges for the Czech Republic both domestic and foreign investments in the areas of manufacturing, business support services and technology centers. It also supports small, medium-sized and innovative start-up companies, the country’s business infrastructure, and innovation. Through its services and development programs, CzechInvest contributes to the development of domestic firms, Czech and foreign investors and the business environment as a whole.

Key sectors for investment in the Czech Republic:



  • The Czech Republic is an ESA member and home to the GNSS Agency
  • Modern airport infrastructure and MRO facilities
  • World class aerospace R&D centers
  • Aerostructure programs with global market leaders
  • Well-developed supplier base
  • One of the world’s largest ultralight and light sport aircraft producers
  • Hundred-year history of manufacturing excellence



  • with 1.35 mil. units the Czech Republic is the biggest producer of passenger cars in the CEE (AIA, 2017)
  • 56 out of 100 global top 100 tier-one suppliers have at least one of their locations in the Czech Republic (CzechInvest, 2017)
  • Czech automotive industry has the highest gross value added per employee in the CEE region (Eurostat, 2017)
  • 85% of the automotive production is being exported, mainly to European markets (AIA, 2017)  

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

  • Strong potential for R&D activities with significant governmental support
  • Labour productivity in the electrical engineering and electronics sector has grown by almost 100% in the past eight years
  • Every third electron microscope in the world is produced in the Czech Republic
  • Manufacturing is the second largest sector of the Czech economy

Advanced Engineering

  • 300 years of academic engineering education in the Czech Republic means the continuity of sharing a premium level of technological know-how
  • The Czech Republic is the only CEE country that is a member of the prestigious group CECIMO – the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries.
  • According to EUstat, the Czech Republic is the most industrialised country in the EU, as manufacturing accounts for more than 26.7% of industry while industry generates nearly  40% of GDP.
  • With 93 robots per 10,000 manufacturing workers, the Czech Republic surpasses the global average of 66 units and other industrialised countries (International Federation of Robotics, 2016).
  • The sector is highly competitive, 85% of manufactured products are exported. (Cecimo, International Federation of Robotics, EUstat, CZSO 2017)

ICT and Data Centers

  • The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s top locations for ICT investments
  • Creative, innovative, experienced and skilled IT professionals
  • Well-developed IT infrastructure, robust fiber-optic network
  • Growing presence of leading IT companies, such as Red Hat, Microsoft, Skype, CA Technologies and Oracle
  • World-renowned Czech companies, such as Avast, GoodData, YSoft, Socialbakers and STRV
  • Successful start-ups and incubation centres

Life Sciences

  • World-class academic community and research base with a strong commitment to partnering with industry
  • Strong presence of large international pharmaceutical companies participating in research programs and conducting manufacturing operations
  • Clinical and translational research supported by close ties between universities, research institutions, industry and the public healthcare system
  • Availability of university graduates and industry-specific staff at competitive prices
  • Regulatory and patent environment in harmony with that of the EU
  • Supportive business environment and incentives for both R&D and manufacturing


  • Following the decades of tradition in chemistry, electronics, textiles, or materials science, the Czech Republic has transformed its economy to become one of the leaders in applied nanotechnology
  • As a global supplier in nanofiber production devices, electron microscopes, and monocrystalline materials, innovative Czech solutions in nanomedicine and new types of batteries have found their way onto today's market


More brochures can be downloaded from the website of the CzechInvest Agency.