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Czech Kitl Syrups in Australia

A company called Kitl was founded in 2005 in Czech Republic with the aim of bringing back traditional medicinal syrups that people have used for centuries.

Kitl Czech Republic discovered archived recipes of an 18th century Czech doctor from the Jizerske Mountains, Dr Kittel, who was known for concocting herbal syrups with medicinal qualities. Kitl Czech Republic begun making cold pressed syrups and continue Dr Kittel’s legacy.

Nutritional Kitl Syrups are famously known in the Czech Republic as ‘health in a bottle’ and are mainly sold in pharmacies and health food shops.

Syrups have always been very popular in the Czech Republic. Our grandmothers would produce lovingly handmade syrups from cherries, raspberries and blackcurrants which flourished in their gardens.

So how did Kitl find its way to Australia? 

In 2015, the founder of Kitl Australia, Monika Broucek, was visited by family from the Czech Republic. Her father brought a gift of ‘something small from her home town’, Jablonec nad Nisou - a bottle of Kitl Ginger Syrup.

When the last drop of that first bottle was gone, the search began for something of a similar quality that was available in Australia. After a long search with little luck, the idea was born to import Kitl Syrups. Within months, the first pallet was sent from Europe, arriving in Sydney on 18 July 2015.

Kitl Australia aims to offer a healthy alternative to soft drinks, for children and adults. The syrups can be enjoyed cold (with still or sparkling water) and also as a warming drink.

Kitl is available in three herbal flavours (Elderflower, Mint and Ginger) and two fruit flavours (Cherry and Grapefruit).

Kitl Elderflower Syrup is made from organic handpicked elderflowers that are bursting with antioxidants. For the best quality flowers, Kitl Czech Republic farms its own elderflower fields. Elderflower Syrup is not only delicious with sparkling mineral water, but also in cocktails, mocktails, and drizzled over pancakes.

Kitl Mint Syrup is made from organic spearmint grown in the Czech Republic.

Kitl Ginger Syrup is cold hand pressed from ginger harvested in Peru.

Kitl Grapefruit Syrup contains 100% of the goodness of the fruit and pulp, and is high in vitamin C.

Kitl Cherry Syrup is cold pressed from 100% of the cherries grown in the south of Moravia.

Czech Trade and the Consulate General of the Czech Republic have been a huge support from the beginning. Thanks to their generosity, Kitl Australia was able to exhibit at Sydney Fine Food Expo 2015 and Melbourne Fine Food Expo 2016 and on many other occasions.


Where to buy Kitl?

Kitl is available online:


You can also buy Kitl from Alcofree’s shop:

Unit 1 / 15-17 Ace Crescent, Tuggerah NSW 2259

Or through our distributor Goulburn Wines and Spirits with their shop in Surry Hills, NSW



NSW Retailers

Health Food shops:

Leura Health Foods (Blue Mountains)

Lithgow Health Foods (Blue Mountains)

Quenbeyean Health Foods (near Canberra)

Newport Health


German Deli and Café, Bexley North


Avenue Road Delicatessen, Mosman

Fine Food shops/Fruit & vegetable shops:

Parisi’s Food Hall, Rose Bay

Forestway Fresh, Terrey Hills

Bottle shop:

Wine Culture, Roseville Chase

Hospitality Store:
AGC Catering, 13 Hume Hwy, Greenacre


Two Figs Cafe, Cronulla (sell all Kitl flavours retail)

Dragonfly Café in Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park (sell Kitl retail)


The Grounds of Alexandria

Kitl is also served in cafes, bars, restaurants:

Sydney International Airport – Qantas Business Lounge

Eden Gardens in Macquarie Park serve Kitl in both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks

German Deli and Café, Bexley North

Abattoir Blues, Sydney Olympic Park

Arthur’s Pizza, Randwick

Heirloom Espresso, Mosman



VIC Retailers:

Fine Booze, Clifton Hill VIC


Senserrick Green Grocer, Fitzroy VIC


Kitl website



Kitl Australia


Kitl for Kids





kitl_for _kids









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