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Czech Passports

Application process

Process of applying for a new Czech passport:

  1. It is necessary to make an appointment to apply for the Czech passport at the Consulate General  of the Czech Republic in  Sydney via telephone call at: +61 2 9581 0111 or via e-mail: passports_sydney@mzv.cz.
  2. The applicant needs to apply for a Czech passport in person at a Czech mission in Australia (Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra [only for applicants from ACT] or Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Sydney)
  3. The applicant needs to provide either a valid Czech passport, national ID or a certificate of the Czech citizenship (issued not more than one year ago). In case the applicant does not have a valid passport and the certificate of the Czech citizenship, the applicant needs to apply for the certificate of Czech citizenship first. The application for a Czech passport can be submitted only after the certificate is issued. One photo, gloss finish  needs to be submitted with the application. Please be aware the photo is NOT of a standard size photo, see the attachment below. Photo size: 5cm x 7cm (the same size as photos for Canadian passports) (children 1 year old and younger, the photo size is: 10cm x 10cm)
  4. While applying for the Czech passport, fingerprints of applicants older than 12 years are collected.

       Collecting the new passport:

  1. The passport can be collected in person at the mission where the application was submitted (Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra or Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Sydney).
  2. The passport can also be collected in person at an Honorary Consulate. The passport will be sent to the respective Consulate Honorary. The applicant has to bare the postage ( 2x - to the honorary consulate and back to the Conulate in Sydney)
  3. While collecting the new passport, the holder of the passport needs to return the old passport and sign the document on receiving the new document.

!! PLEASE NOTE: Applicants intending to collect their passports via an Honorary Consulate will need to bring a pre-paid envelope to their appointment or pay the postage fee (in cash only) during their appointment. 

Fees if paying postage in cash: 19 AUD (Australia) or 27 AUD (New Zealand)
If bringing a pre-paid envelope: Passports can only be sent to Honorary Consulates via Express Post Platinum

The fees for applying for a new passport must be paid at the time of submitting the application, by CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. Postage fees can only be paid in cash! 

While collecting the passport  at the Honorary consulate it is necessary to pay the postage fees as well. 

For more information please contact our office at passports_sydney@mzv.cz.


Passport Photo (PDF, 208 KB)