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Entry of foreigners arriving from Australia and New Zealand into the Czech Republic

(This article expired 01.02.2021 / 03:30.)

From July 13, 2020 on, the citizens of Australia and New Zealand and other third country nationals who reside in Australia and have been in Australia for at least 14 days before the arrival to the Czech Republic, WILL BE PERMITTED to enter the Czech Republic, without a need of applying for an exemption/permit or proving the compassionate grounds in order to be able to enter the Czech Republic. 

As both Australia and New Zealand are listed on the "green list" of the government of the Czech Republic (the list of the countries with a low epidemiological risk), the persons who spent at least 14 days in Australia and/or New Zealand prior to their entry to the Czech Republic, do not need to have a COVID19 test nor go to the quarantine after their arrival. 

Before the travel to the Czech Republic please verify information on the stay/transit in the transit countries of your journey. 

In case the airline would request the proof of the above at the check-in, print out the written confirmation: Confirmation on entry from AUS and NZ (PDF, 182 KB)

The citizens of Australia, dual citizens and permanent residents of Australia still need to apply for an exemption to leave Australia before their travel. 

The VISA SECTION at the Consulate General in Sydney, in terms of the possibility of submitting the visa and residency permits to the Czech Republic,  is limited (starting December 18, 2020). The Australian and New Zealand citizens can travel to the Czech Republic without a visa unless their stay is non profitable and is not longer than 90 days. In case a visa/residency permit needs to be submitted, please contact the visa section of the Consulate on visa_sydney@mzv.cz.