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Information for foreigners - visa holders who are in the Czech Republic

(This article expired 01.02.2021 / 04:00.)

According to the Czech Government decision No. 198/2020, foreigners who were staying on the territory of the Czech Republic at the time of declaring of the emergency state (March 12, 2020) based on the visa-free regime, Schengen visa or any type of long-term residency over 90 days, could stay at the territory of the Czech Republic regardless the expiration of their residence status.

Any person, whose visa/residency permit/visa-free stay expired during the state of emergency, WILL BE ALLOWED TO STAY 60 DAYS AFTER THE STATE OF EMERGENCY WILL FINISH (i.e. currently until July 17, 2020).

A person whose residency permit/visa/visa-free stay expires during this time does not need to apply for the extension of his/her stay as is will be extended automatically. Upon arrival the person mentioned above will receive a special stamp into the passport that will indicate the legality of his/her stay in the Czech Republic despite the expiry of the residency permit/visa.

Those ones who want to continue with their stay in the Czech Republic after July 17, 2020, based on the residency permit that expired during the emergency state, need to apply for the extension in a standard way at the relevant office of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior.

The complete information in English language on the stay of the foreigners in the Czech Republic can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior

Razítko Immigration (DOC, 100 KB)

At the moment, the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sydney is processing only limited numbers of certain types of visa or residency applications. Please follow our website for new information.