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Information on the possibility of applying for visa without personal attendance

Australian and New Zealand citizens have the possibility to apply for certain types of long-stay visas and residence permits at the Consulate General  in  Sydney without their personal attendance.

With effect from 1. of February 2021, allows Consulate General in Sydney on the basis of the provisions of § 169d(2). 3 Act No 326/1999 Coll, Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals, to lodge the  applications for long-term visas (except the purpose of business), residence permits for applicants enrolled in the Program of High Qualified Employee and in the Program of Key and Scientific Personnel, and applications for long-term stays for scientific research and long-term stays for family members of scientific personnel, by citizens of Australia and New Zealand, without requiring their personal attendance. Please note the possibility of additional summoning of the applicant to the Consulate General for interview/interview may occur.