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Appointment for short term visa (Schengen) up to 90 days of stay



A visa appointment is necessary to ensure the best visa procedure possible.

Before you start the application proces please read the below:

  • If you are  planning to visit two or more Schengen countries, you shall apply for the visa in the embassy/consulate of the country you will be residing in for most of the traveling days, referred to as the main destination
  • Applications can be made within 90 days of your scheduled departure date and we recommend that you apply in ample time. Please note you will need to make sure that your appointment date is at least 15 days prior to your scheduled departure date
  • Due to the biometric data collection (fingerprints and photographs) and the technical infrastructure, a minimum of fifteen consecutive days is required to process all visa applications
  • The passport must stay at the Embassy / Consulate for the entire duration of the visa application process
  • Please only hand in complete visa applications and supporting documents , the Consulate General  will not accept incomplete applications.


within opening hours of the consulate

Request for appointment only via e-mail: visa_sydney@mzv.cz

 Appointments for submitting a visa are offered usually on Mondays  9:00 -12.00  and 13:30 -15:30 and on Wednesday 13:30 -15:30

 For visa apointment always provide us:

  • full name
  • country issued your passport
  • visa/ residence permit in Australia, attache VEVO ( if it is shorter then a year, please submit also the previous visa)
  • what kind of the visa you request for
  • date of departure from Australia
  • confirm the Czech Republic as a main destination of your trip.

We reply within 24 hrs business days.