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Fine Arts Contest Awardees Participated in Workshop

On Sunday January 13, the honourable mentions for participation in The International Children´s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice were handed over at Not Just Library (Taiwan Design Centrum). The contest gathered up to 30 000 art works from all around the world. The jury awarded four Taiwanese paintings; one was handed over in Prague and three were sent to our office. The authors of these works together with some of their mates from art schools were – apart from the diplomas and small presents – rewarded by an art workshop led by a renowned Czech painter, illustrator and publisher living and working in Taiwan and Hong Kong Mr. Tomas Rizek.

Mr. Tomas Rizek leads the workshop


The theme of the 46. edition of the Lidice exhibition was “water” and the Taiwanese little big artists mastered it with both delicacy and drama. Lin Vincent (5 years) was awarded a medal and honourable mentions were for the students of a Taipei art school Sunlight Art Group Shiu Yu-Siang (4 years) and Ye Si (15 years) and also for Park Junseo (11 years). Congratulations! We also hope that little Yu-Siang and young ladies Ye Si and Junseo enjoyed the common process of creating a storyboard using the egg tempera technique.

Should Vincet, Yu-Siang, Ye Si and Junseo inspire you, register for the 47th edition as well! Because it will have been 150 years since the world saw for the first time Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table of Elements, the theme for this year is “chemistry”. The CECO team wishes you explosive inspiration!


Lidice 2018