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Photo: Lukáš Táborský
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The Trick Brothers Conquered Taiwan!

Mission completed - the Czech juggling-theater duo The Trick Brothers delivered seven performances in Taipei 101 and Tainan. The outcome is stunning - media attention, offers from Tainan schools to host similar Czech project next time or interest of renowned art hubs to cooperate with Czech artists. Thank you!

The weekend performances at Taipei 101 introduced the Brothers together with a similarly defined Taiwanese art group Circus P.S. And it was apparently this cooperation that the Taiwanese audience appreciated the most, despite the fact that it is namely street art which portrays cultural differences most vividly. The Brothers and the P.S. had gradually gotten used to each other and the final improvisation on a theme chosen by the audience "Best Friends" and "Triangle" brought some interesting, suprising and amusing moments. Will they perform together again in future one day?

In Tainan, the Skiing Odyssey delivered by the Brothers was attended not only by hundreds of students, but also by many members of the city hall including the mayor, who did not hesitate to try out the skis himself! The students were well prepared because they had cooperated with a Czech student baseball team in the past - they greeted the Brothers with board signs in the shape of Czechia and portraying Czech phrases. The kids discussed snow and biatlon before the performance as a vast majority of them had never seen snow before. They however reacted spontaneously and attentively to all jokes, even the winter ones.

Brothers in Trick with one of the classes at Tainan school

Brothers in Trick with one of the classes at Tainan school

Hundreds of people arrived to the afternoon show, as many of them got the message about the morning success. The audience was of all age groups and people had to stand at museum terrace or balconies to be able to secure some view. Both performance blocks were closely monitored by numerous media.

Trick Brothers in front of Tainan Art Museum

Trick Brothers in front of Tainan Art Museum

The Czech Office expresses her gratitude to all, who assisted her with the realization of this project.

Taipei 101 pictures are in the enclosed gallery.


Bratři v tricku dobyli Tchaj-wan