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Visa Information for Foreigners

The left column choices will redirect you to the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs website categories. The specific visa information related to Taiwan my be found bellow. Please contact us in case of any unclarities.

As from 11 January 2011, holders of Taiwanese passports with the ID number stated in the travel document no longer require Schengen visa for short periods of stay (up to 90 days) provided the purpose of the stay is other than employment. Holders of Taiwanese passports require visa/permits for long-term stays (over 90 days).

The CECO processes Schengen visa applications of non-visa waiver nationals residing in Taiwan mostly within 3 working days, but reserves the right to use the full time period given by the Visa Code (i.e. 15 days).

Holders of Taiwanese passport may launch long-term visa or long-term residence permit application at any Embassy or Consulate General of the Czech Republic abroad. Other foreign nationals may launch long-term visa and long-term residence permit application at CECO in case they reside in Taiwan on long-term basis or if they are citizens of states listed in Ordinance of the Ministry of the Interior no. 429/2010 Coll.

Personal appearance is always required.

Visa applications are processed Monday to Thursday in the morning. A registration is always required for submitting long-term visa and long-term residence permit applications. Since February 1, 2019, registrations will be conducted only by e-mail visa_taipei@mzv.cz respecting the following arrangement according to the purpose of stay:

  • Mondays: 6 study, 1 employee card, 1 other purpose
  • Tuesdays: 6 study, 1 employee card, 1 other purpose
  • Wednesdays: 6 study, 1 employee card, 1 other purpose
  • Thursdays:6 study, 1 employee card, 1 other purpose

We recommend e-mail or phone registration before launching Schengen visa application.

All supporting documents must be submitted in original or verified copy. Please note that all official documents like the Criminal Record extract must be superlegalized in order to be used in the Czech Republic.

Registration for Launching Long-term Visa and Long-term Residence Permits Applications


Since February 1, 2019 the CECO launches a new system in registering applicants for appointments to submit long-term visa and long-term residence permit applications. more ►

Long Term Visa and Residence Permits - Medical Insurance


The applicant must provide proof of holding travel medical insurance before the visa is affixed to his travel document. The insurance must cover the entire period of the applicant´s stay in the Czech Republic as determined by the validity… more ►