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Exhibition "Unknown Heroine from the Radio building" in Tartu

Some events cannot be forgotten regardless of the passage of time. One of them, in August 1968, is shown in an exhibition at the KGB Museum in Tartu.

For the then Czechoslovakia, the unforgettable event is Wednesday, August 21, 1968, when foreign armies reappeared in the country for the first time since the end of World War II.

A unique testimony of the following days in Prague are the experiences of the then thirty-year-old doctor Světluše Závorová, who came to treat the wounded at the Czechoslovak Radio building. In four days and in a 100-hour round-the-clock service, she has literally lived on the front line - experiencing courage and confusion, heroism and fear. She described these dramatic events a week later in a 15-page letter to her parents. After that, she has been working all her life as a doctor without talking about the events of that time.

However, her letter remained. In 2008, when the National Museum invited eyewitnesses to the events of 1968 to provide documents for archiving, it became public. Together with period photographs, the National Museum has created an exhibition "Unknown Heroine from Radio."

This remarkable testimony of Dr. Světluše Závorová, who died in 2013, thus has become a monument to all often nameless but real people in the middle of the now historical event.

The exhibition of the Prague National Museum was opened on February 9, 2021 at the Museum of KGB Cells in Tartu.

We firmly believe that this eywitness testimony of turbulent events of 1968 in then Czechoslovakia will bring information and attract Estonian visitors.

The Czech Embassy would like to thank the Museum in Tartu for the excellent cooperation!


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