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Photo: Zdeněk Balzer
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Exhibition „Yes, Masaryk“ addressed Georgian audience

The first Czechoslovak President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk was presented in a slightly unusual way by the Exposition „Yes, Masaryk” that was placed in the Hall of National Parliamentary Library in Tbilisi on 29th – 31rd October 2018.

The exposition opening hosted about 150 people and many of them actively asked about Masaryk´s personality and related Czechoslovak and Czech modern history. Considerable interest of the first Czechoslovak President was also noted by the guests of other opening of the Exhibition in the Tbilisi State University premises where the exposition was displayed till 9th November 2018.

The Exhibition consists of 20 panels with photographs and quotations of T. G. Masaryk (in English and Georgian language) that meaningfully speak about Masaryk´s personality and the period he lived in. These panels are accompanied by his brief autobiography and additional information about the relationships among the representatives of Czechoslovakia and Democratic Republic of Georgia during the interwar period that was prepared by former Czech lecturer in Georgia Mr. Vojtěch Kubec.

The Exhibition was arranged on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia.