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Photo: Jana Gašparíková
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Premiere of film "Masters"

On March 17, 2022, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi hosted the ceremonial premiere of the documentary film "Masters" dedicated to the Novák family. They were important Czech sculptors, builders and decorators from the turn of the 19th - 20th century, whose facades are among the jewels of the Tbilisi Art Nouveau. The film was shot by compatriot association “Bohemica” led by Vojtěch Kubec

The 30-minute documentary follows on the compatriot project "Czech Footprint in the History of Georgia" implemented by the Association of Georgian-Czech Relations "Love-Prague", in which three short documentaries were made. The first "Choirmaster" was dedicated to the musician Josef Navrátil - Ratilli, the second "Doctor" to the doctor Jan / Ivan Přibyl and the last called "Sokol (Ševardeni)" to the Georgian Sokol organization in Georgia, which was established here as the first of its kind in Russia in 1907. The author of the themes and the chairman of the Association, Ioseb Bezhashvili, did not live to see the completion of the third film. He passed away at the beginning of January 2019.

Ambassador Petr Mikyska reminded that all documentaries were made possible thanks to a financial donation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic under the Program for Czech Cultural Heritage Support. Ha also thanked Nino Baratashvili, the director of the Europe Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia for allowing the screening in building that is Ministry’s property.

There were approximately 40 guests from compatriots, students and the Czech and Slovak community in Georgia attending the screening of this well-made film in Georgian language with Czech subtitles.

All films are available at You Tube:

SBORMISTR (The Choirmaster) - YouTube

Lékař - YouTube

SOKOL / შევარდენი: ქართული სპორტის ისტორია - YouTube

Mistři ოსტატები - YouTube