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Renovation the paint of wooden lining.

We are looking for a company that will be able to renovate the paint wooden lining at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi. The total area of the wood paneling is 1648,52 square meters. We require that the old paint be scraped off the building, and adding of a new coat of paint to replace it. Due to the heights, scaffolding will have to be erected around the building. Design work is planned for the second half of July and the first half of August 2014. The material needed to fulfill the entire renovation should be included in the final offer. It is also necessary to include the price for scaffolding. Please send your offers before May 31.

Your offers will be accepted by mail tbilisi@embassy.mzv.cz.
If you have any other questions, please contact the embassy staff on the provided number - +995/32/2916740