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Call for Local Small Scale Projects proposals, 2021

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Georgia is pleased to launch its annual call for proposals for the Local Small Scale Projects 2021.

Local Small Scale Projects are an integral part of the Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic in Georgia and they are implemented every year through grants´ programme managed by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi.

Projects in 2021 shall have one or combination of these two focuses:


A/ Support to vulnerable groups:

Socially Vulnerable Single Parents

  • Basic subsistence support to single parents[1]

Socially Vulnerable Families

  • Support to socially vulnerable families with U1 children
  • Support to families enrolled in child reintegration and prevention programmes[2] 
  • Support to families of underaged juveniles enrolled in diversion programme, as well as probationers, and former convicts[3]. These individuals were convicted for small scale poverty-related crimes. Thus, are under the risk of repeating offenses
  • Support to families outside the social benefits system
  • Extremely poor and socially vulnerable families, identified by social workers, who are currently outside the social benefits system and until they enroll in the system
  • Support to socially vulnerable families with children with Autism, Down Syndrome and other different abilities

Vocational Education

  • Establish care & education programmes at vocational education schools
  • Provide social services, such as transportation, for vulnerable students of vocational education schools
  • Support to Persons with Disabilities to enroll in vocational education and improve language skills
  • Support access to internet and devices for students of long-term vocational programmes

B/Support of business (MSMEs):

Support to overcome logistical challenges in the regions of Georgia facing the difficulties of supply chain

Identification of new alternative markets and agriculture production

Support business (MSMEs) practices on responding to emerging challenges on financial, operational and managerial level in the post-COVID-19 era and beyond

Advanced information and export opportunities including expanding/identifying international trade/business linkages on new or existing markets during the crisis and in a post-COVID period


Target regions: Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Samegrelo, Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities 


Submission terms for small local projects for 2021 are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a legal entity registered in Georgia, whose basic activity is not profit making;
  • Eligible are non-governmental organisations (universities, community organizations, etc.);
  • The applicant may submit only one proposal;
  • Overall project budget must be within 200 000 – 500 000 CZK (approximate exchange rate GEL is 7,25 CZK);
  • Total sum of personal and travel expenses, eventually insurance must not exceed 25% of the total cost;
  • Beneficiary´s financial participation in the project is minimum 25 % of the total project value (funded activities must be clearly specified in the form),complimentary;
  • Implementation of the project activities March 2021 – 31st of October 2021.


Evaluation criteria:

  • Formal requirements;
  • Developmental relevance of the project to the needs / priorities of the target country and compliance with the thematic priorities of Bilateral Development Cooperation Programme of the Czech Republic in Georgia;
  • Cost effectiveness and efficiency (incl. amount of co-financing);
  • Feasibility and sustainability of project results;
  • Effectiveness of project results, logic of the project.


Application package must be delivered in paper and electronic version and will include:

  • Identification form filled in English language, typed on a computer, stamped and signed by authorized person;
  • Copy of the certificate of legal registration of the applicant (legal person).


In order to be considered as eligible, all above mentioned documents should be delivered both in hard copy (in a sealed envelope to the Czech Embassy, Chavchavadze Avenue 37-block VI, 0179 Tbilisi) and electronically to the sofia_kamushadze@mzv.cz by 12:00, October 1st 2020. Failure to submit the proposal in later delivery of documents will result in automatic rejection of your application.




Program: Local Small Scale Project Identification Form 2021


Organization name:

Acting through (name, surname, and position):

Address (street, town, postal code, country):

Land line and mobile phone:



Bilateral Development Cooperation Programme of the Czech Republic, Georgia, 2018–2023



[1] 4200 registered single parent families

[2] Total of 1100 families

[3] Total of 1100 families



Identification form 68 KB XLS (Excel document) Sep 15, 2020