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Mapping research: Comparing foreign influence in Georgia

The Report monitors foreign country influences in Georgia, whether in state institutions, NGOs, Media, political parties, or the Church. This paper aims to bring attention to a broad spectrum of problems, as well as campaigns and activities implemented and sponsored by third countries, ranging from political infiltration to corrosive capital-flows with political goals.

The paper is a joint effort of a coalition of thinkthanks and non-government organizations from Georgia such as Atlantic Council's DFRLab, Civic Idea, Georgia's Reforms Associates (GRASS), and Media Development Foundation.

This Report has been produced under the two-years project implemented by the Prague-based European Values Center for Security Policy in Georgia. It aims to enhance and strengthen the Georgian civil society's resilience in mapping and facing the foreign malign influence. The project is supported by the Transition Promotion Program of Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Emerging Donors Challenge Program of the USAID.