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Czech participation at the FAJR International Film Festival

This is the 36th year of the international film festival

The 36th FAJR International Film Festival was held in Tehran on 19-27 April 2018. The film festival included many films from all over the world. Among them were three Czech films: the time-lapse film “Marriage Stories”  directed by Helena Třeštíková, parody to detective movies “Adela Has Not Had Supper Yet” by Oldrich Lipsky and short documentary “The Truck” by Michal Balško and Adam Mach.

The Czech festival films were presented by Mrs Viera Langerová, a Czech film critic, who was part of the film jury and with whom the Czech Embassy cooperated during preparations for Czech Culture Week in Iran in 2016. Due to the close cooperation of Czech Republic and Iran in the area of film production, the Czech Embassy is in contact with film makers and helps mutual cooperation. Some films have already been filmed and released (such as Autumn Memories) and some are in the process of filming.


Czech participation at the FAJR International Film Festival