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Appointment system

Please choose an agenda you for which you need an appoinment from the selection below. You will find instructions how to get an appointment in respective link.

The time of the appointment is set by the Embassy in the same order as the emails arrive. If you missed your appointment's time, the appointment is considered cancelled and you need to book another.

Short-term Schengen visa

Long-term visa for the purpose of:

- studies

- business

- culture / sport / medical

- family unification

- other

Long-term residence permit for the purpose of:

- studies

- research

- employee card

- blue card

- entrepreneurship

- family unification

- other


Legalization agenda

- superlegalization

- signature verification

- translation verification

It is possible to combine more legalization request (e.g. superlegalization and signature verification), in such case please mention all the requested services in the subject of the e-mail.


Other consular services

For other consular services (e.g. new passport) please set an appointment at the following e-mail address: consulate_tehran@mzv.cz with the following information.

  1. Name and surname

  2. Type of consular service

  3. Phone number

In case of emergency or you find yourself in a life threatening situation please contact the emergency line of the Embassy.






Appointmetnt form for Long Term Visa / Residence Permit 12 KB DOCX (FILE_TYPE_DOCX) Sep 23, 2020