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Ambassador I. Schwarz awarded war veterans

On 14 May 2015 Ambassador Ivo Schwarz awarded Czechoslovak veterans from the 2nd World War and Independence War.

Memorial Medal of the Ministry of Defense on 70th Anniversary of the End of the 2nd World War

Peter Arton

He was born as Salomon Apfelbaum on 1 January 1922 in Warsaw, from where his family moved to Teplice and later to Prague. After the Nazi occupation he managed to escape via Moscow and Vladivostok to Japan. In Shanghai he registered with the Czechoslovak army and in 1942 came via Singapore and South Africa in United Kingdom, where he started training in the RAF. After the war he worked by the Czechoslovak air force. After 1948 he emigrated to the United Kingdom and from 1953 he lives in Israel.


Avraham Harshalom

He was born as Adam Frydberg on 4 February 1925 in Pružany in Poland (today Belarus). In 1943 he was deported do Auschwitz, where he unsuccessfully tried to escape. In October 1943 he was deported to Buchenwald and then to the Richard factory near Litoměřice, from where he managed to flee and hide by a Czech family in Prague. Here he joined the fighting within the Prague uprising. After February 1948 he finished flying training and left with other Haganah volunteers to Israel.


Yehuda Parma

He was born as Leopold Presser in Jaseniec. After finishing high school when the Nazi occupation begun, he went to Poland and later to the Soviet Union, where he escaped from a gulag and joint the Czechoslovak army. He fought in the Sokolov battle and then in other battles till the end of the war. After the liberation he served in the Czechoslovak army as an intelligence officer. In 1948 he helped by the organization and training of Jewish volunteers, with whom he went to Israel.


Silver Jan Masaryk Memorial Medal

Rudolf Grossman

He was born in 1924 in Žilina in Slovakia. During the war he was hiding and returned to Slovakia in May 1945. After graduating high school he began studying at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where joined as a volunteer Haganah. Due to his height he could not become a pilot and so he decided to be an aircraft mechanic. After completing the course in Liberec he served in the Israeli Air Force. In 1950 he left the army and worked as architect and then as an expert on water company Mekorot having participated in many projects in Africa.


Zvi Lavon

He was born as Emerich Lebovitch in 1929 in Ruthenia. During the war he was in Auschwitz, Buchenwald and survived the death march. After the liberation he went to Teplice, where he joined as a volunteer pilot training. After completing the course in Olomouc he came to Israel, where he was sent in 1949 for further training in Technion in Haifa, where he was the first graduate. In 1950 he entered the first combat squadron of Israeli Air Force and became a flight instructor for advanced pilots and commanding officer. After leaving the army in the rank of major he served as a pilot in Israeli company Arika.


Yehuda Manor

He was born as Petr Munk in 1927 in Vítkovice and spent his childhood in Frýdek-Místek and later in Prague. In 1939 his parents sent him to Palestine, where he lived by his uncle in Haifa and studied a technical school. In 1947 he returned to Czechoslovakia to his mother who survived the holocaust. Till 1949 he helped here to organize the training of volunteers for the new State of Israel. In 1948 he started a pilot course in Olomouc, finished it in Israel and fought in the Independence War. During the Six day War and Yom Kippur War he served in the hinterland as aviation expert on identifying targets and guidance on targets.


Hugo Marom

He was born as Hugo Maisel on 9 October 1928 in Brno. On 3 August 1939 he was sent together with his brother in the last children´s transport of Nicolas Winton to the United Kingdom and could survive in this way as one of few in the family the holocaust. After the liberation he returned to Czechoslovakia, where he joined the training of future Israeli troops in Olomouc and then he fought in the Independence War. In 1953 ha was charged with forming the 110th squadron of night fighters and six years later he led the development of Israel Aircraft Industries Centre.


Abraham Pressburger

He was born as Jindřich Pressburger on 7 May 1924 in Bratislava. After 1939 he was expelled from the high school and was assigned to a labor camp in Sereď. In 1942 he joined the Zionist organization Hashomer Hatzair and participated in organizing resistance. He joined the Slovak National Uprising, where he was seriously wounded, but he managed to hide until the end of the war. After the liberation in 1946 he became chairman of Haschomer Hatzair in Czechoslovakia. In 1948 together with his wife Mrs. Eva Ginz, sister of Petr Ginz murdered in Auschwitz, he went via France to Israel.


Shmuel Ravek

He was born as Vítězslav Ravek in 1925 in Český Těšín. In 1938 he escaped with his mother to relatives in Cracow and then he was in several concentration camps. After the liberation he returned to Czechoslovakia, where he began to study a vocational school. Because of the state of his health he was not allowed to join the pilot course and started a course for aviation mechanics in Liberec. After its finishing he went in 1949 to Israel, where he served in the army as a mechanic specializing in combat aircrafts. After completing his military service he accepted the offer of the newly established airline company El Al, where he worked more than 40 years.


Hannan Ron

He was born as Hanuš Rosenbaum in 1928 in Ostrava. In 1939 his family escaped via Cracow to the Soviet part of Poland. An internment in a labor camp in Siberia followed, where he at the age of 15 joined the Czechoslovak army. From the end 1944 he served as a signalman by the artillery. In 1945 he returned into civilian life and in April 1948 emigrated to Israel, where he fought in the Jerusalem front in the Independence War. In the following years he served on a number of embassies as an employee of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then he worked for Mossad.


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