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Festive Ceremony on the occasion of the finishing of CEMACH project at the Czech Embassy on June 29, 2016

The Ministry of Education of the State of Israel and the Embassy of the Czech Republic realized in the school year 2015/2016 for the first time the CEMACH project at Israeli high schools. Representatives of Czech Embassy visited Israeli high schools and made presentations about the Czech Republic. At the same time a student competition was held, where the students could use their knowledge from the presentations.

On June 29, 2016 Czech Embassy hosted an official ceremony on the occasion of the termination of the 1st year of the project. The keynote speakers were the Czech Ambassador Ivo Schwarz, the Director of Division of International Relations and UNESCO of the Israeli Ministry of Education Dalit Atrakchi who spoke about the importance of the CEMACH project in Israel and in the Czech Republic and Mr. Alon Simhayoff for the Prime Minister´s Office. About the realization of the project spoke principals of high schools, whose students won in the competition – Nelly Hoffman from High School Haifa, Hagit Kahan from Thelma Yalin High School in Givataim and Elon Naveh from Ehad Haam High Schoool in Petach Tikva.


Ambassador Ivo Schwarz awarded then the winners of the competition:

1st place (including a trip to the Czech Republic)

Efrat Ben David from High School Haifa

Noam Levi from Thelma Yalin High School in Givataim

Maya Michaeli from Ehad Haam High Schoool in Petach Tikva

Ofek Shpigelman from Ehad Haam High Schoool in Petach Tikva


2nd place

Shani Yaluz from High School Haifa


3rd place

Yonat Alon from High School Haifa

Roni Yehuda from High School Haifa

Lior Valdfigel from High School Haifa

Shahar Zohar from High School Haifa