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Photo: Beit Theresienstadt
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Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day in Beit Theresienstadt (April 12, 2018)

On Thursday 12 April 2018 the people of Israel commemorated like every year millions of Jews who perished in the Holocaust and the Jewish resistance in that period. Czech ambassador Ivo Schwarz participated in Beit Theresienstadt together with director of the Beit Theresienstadt Museum Tami Kinberg, Slovak Ambassador Peter Hulényi, Danish Ambassador Charlotte Slente, Austrian Ambassador Martin Weiss, representatives of this association and members of Israeli armed forces in the big gathering in Givat Haim Ikhud. The traditional torch-lighting was made this year by the survivors Jakob Denekamp, Reuven Fischermann and Jehudith Ashkenazi, further by Noa Cohen in memory of her grandmother Kahan Mattiasson, Roi Wolf in memory of his mother Karina Haas-Wolf and Lieutenant Shaked Elbag.


Beit Theresienstadt 12. 4. 2018