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Czech film on Haifa International Film Festival (October 5 – 14, 2017)

Also this year Czech films were presented on Haifa International Film Festival (October 5 – 14, 2017): Ice Mother, The Shop on the Main Street and Fish N´Pills as a part of the project Tomorrow Today. The event was organized by Czech Centre in cooperation with Czech Embassy.

Báva z ledu

Báva z ledu

Dir.: Bohdan Sláma / Czech Republic 2017 / 106 minutes / Czech / Hebrew & English subtitles

6.10. at 13:30 / The Krieger Center for the Performing Arts, 6 Eliahu Hackim St. Carmel Zarfati
12.10. at 17:00 / New Rappaport Hall, 140 Hanasi Ave

Is it possible to break out of one’s routine and head in a new direction later on in life? Sixty-year-old Hana is unexpectedly given the impulse to do just that when she meets contemporary Broňa, who encourages her to take up physical conditioning. This puts the wind up Hana’s grown-up sons, who have been brazenly abusing her generosity. The prospect of a new romance with a hardy nonconformist, who arrives at a family lunch with a hen friend called Adele, finally goads Hana into changing the established order… Film was awarded Best Screenplay at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.


Obchod na korze

Obchod na korze

Dir.: Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos / Czechoslovakia 1965 / 125 minutes / Slovak, Yiddish / Hebrew & English subtitles

11.10. at 21:00 / Cinematheque Haifa, 142 Hanasi Ave

Screening of the new restored digital copy of the Oscar-winning drama. It's WWII and in the recently established fascist state of Slovakia, Jews are handled in accordance with Nazi directives. One of these is the Aryanization of Jewish property, and carpenter Tono Brtko accepts the management of Mrs. Lautmanová’s shop. She’s an old widow, hard of hearing, who lives in a world of her own where she has no true appreciation for the hell that has been unleashed around her. In no time, however, Tono is softened by her gentleness and vulnerability, and he is unable to break the news that he’s actually not just her new assistant. The atmosphere of their relationship, punctuated by minor misunderstandings that often border on farce, ultimately takes on a more dramatic cast, climaxing in a tragic finale with strong moral overtones. In this light the widow becomes the prototype of the innocent victim, and Brtko – cinematically pardoned when he enacts the gravest of punishments for his failure – represents just one in an endless procession of those who, through weakness and passivity, enable the entrance of evil.


Hormonální akvárium

Hormonální akvárium

Dir.: Tereza Tara / Czech Republic 2008 / 20 minutes / Czech, English / Subtitles in Hebrew & Arabic

12.10. at 18:30  Down Town Haifa (Ha Namal St. 39) (Hebrew subtitles)
13.10. at 18:30  Piazza next to Cinematheque (Hebrew subtitles)
13.10. at 18:00  Beth HaGefen (Arab subtitles)

Free admission

The pill - a symbol of sexual freedom. But what are the consequences? Are people really free in their decision making? Women under the influence of synthetic hormones, fish changing their genders, men suffering from increasing sterility and scientists talking about new substances in the environment, endocrine disruptors. Film screenings are part of the project „Tomorrow Today“, co-funded by the European Union, presenting five high class environmental documentaries specially chosen for the Israeli context at the Haifa International Film Festival.