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Venue: April 14th – August 20th 2016 , The Petach Tikvah Museum of Art

Czech Embassy and Czech Centre invite you to a large group exhibition Things to Come in Petah Tikva Museum of Art where you can see the works of Czech artist Jakub Nepraš.

Although it is wide-spread in films, literature and popular culture in general, very few museum exhibitions have been produced around the subject of Science-Fiction. Exhibition Things to Come by the curator, Mrs. Doreet LeVitte-Harten, is concerned with the broad field of Science Fiction, its history and influence on various other fields of Modern(ist) imagination, such as film, design, architecture and art, both 'high' and popular . The exhibition includes  the works of some 29 artists, both Israeli and international, among them: Jakub Nepras (CZ), Robert Stieghorst, Yael Bartana, Michelle Jezierski, Shay Id Alony, Alexander Shlesier , Dov Or Ner, Karl Hans Janke, Christopher O'Leary, Jonathan Gold, Eitan Ben Moshe, Till Nowak, Peleg Dishon, John Coulthart,   Netaly Aylon, Karen Russo, Lihi Turjeman, Sasha Serber,  Shahar Marcus, and others.

Jakub Nepraš combines in his work two media - sculpture and video. He draws upon scientific and philosophical knowledge, as well as personal experience, emotions and intuition. He tries to study the contemporary developmental tendencies and behaviour of our super-organism in relation to the position of the individual within the whole entity, and to monitor those natural principles that control or influence all of this. Jakub Nepraš is reflecting the fundamental changes of society and technology and also its dangers and estrangement from human beings and nature. He is trying in his work to re-appropriate a more original and purer way of life and to give natural, organic forms to contemporary society and technology.

Jakub Nepraš

Jakub Nepraš