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Program for cooperation between universities

Program of Czech government concerning a support of cooperation between Czech and Israeli universities.

Israeli academic employees can apply for a financial contribution when they travel to the Czech Republic because of the cooperation with a partner public institution of higher education. The support covers allowances and accommodation in a hotel at a maximum stay of 5 days.

Each application dossier comprise invitation letter of the Czech partner institution of higher education (the list of them), plan of the stay and curriculum vitae of the applicant. The application should be submitted to the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv (please find below the contact details) at least 3 months before the start of the journey.

According a bilateral agreement with the State of Israel the Czech government can support up to 20 days of this kind of stay each year.


do not hesitate to contact us, should you need further information:


Embassy of the Czech Republic, 23 Zeitlin Street, 61163 Tel Aviv

Tel.: +972-3-6911034

E-mail: Veronika_sido@mzv.cz