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Czech students in archeological expedition in Jerusalem


Students of the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University (ETF UK) under the leadership of prof. Martin Prudký and Dr. Filip Čapek participate in archeological expeditions in Israel March 29 - April 12, 2019. The expedition focuses on… more ►

Book of condolences in honour of Ivo Schwarz

In honour of late Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the State of Israel, Mr. Ivo Schwarz, a book of condolences will be opened at the Embassy of the Czech Republic, Zeitlin St. 23, Tel Aviv, on Wednesday April 3 from 14:00 to 16:00 and on… more ►

The Embassy of the Czech Republic won the 1st place in the competition for the most entertaining presentation of its country - the most Fun booth


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Israel attended an international day at the American international school WBAIS where it presented the Czech Republic with its own stand. The form of the presentation was so successful so that it won the… more ►

Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic Mr. Pavel Šámal met with his Israeli counterpart Ms. Esther Hayut


Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic Mr. Pavel Šámal visited Israel and met with his Israeli counterpart, Ms. Esther Hayut, President of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel and Hanan Meltzer, Deputy President of the Supreme… more ►

Ambassador Martin Stropnický met soldiers of the 601st Special Forces Group


Ambassador Martin Stropnický supported soldiers from the 601st Special Forces Group at the Tzeelim army base where they were taking part in a joint Israeli-Czech exercise Sand Dunes 2019. more ►

Israeli students participate in a Czech competition INSPIRELI Awards 2019


Israeli students of architecture of the NB Haifa School of Design take part in the 4th INSPIRELI Award contest with projects of a new edifice of the Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Attache for Culture, Press and Education, Veronika Sidó,… more ►

Poetizer: New Social Network for Poetry of the Czech origin

Poetizer is a new global social media site for writing, reading, and sharing original poetry. It was created as a reaction to the growing popularity of poetry and the needs of modern poets for a new kind… more ►

Tree-planting ceremony in Masaryk Forest


In the revitalized Masaryk Forest near the kibbutz Sarid, which was founded by Jews from Czechoslovakia in the late 1920s, a tree planting ceremony took place today. Attaché for culture, press and… more ►