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Legalization of signature, verification of copies and translations

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv provides notary services such as legalization of signatures, verification of copies and translations (only from English/Czech). 

Office hours for notary services:

Monday from 14:00-16:00

Wednesday from 14:00-16:00

You must call in advance at + 972 3 691 8282 to make an appointment or send us an e-mail to consulate_telaviv@mzv.cz. Walk-ins are not accepted at this time due to epidemiological situation and in observance of the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel hygiene recommendations.

Legalization of Signature

If you require legalisation of your signature, you have to come in person to our office, show your valid passport/Israeli ID card and sign the document in front of the legalisation officer.

Please note that legalisation of more than 10 signatures cannot be done immediately. Legalised documents are usually available for collection later or next working day.


To legalize your signature on a document, you must:

  • appear in person at the Embassy,
  • present your identification, and
  • pay the administrative fee in cash in NIS.


A consular signature authentication conveys no judgement on the part of the authentication officer as to the validity or truth of an authenticated document. Despite the fact that only signature, and not the contents, is authenticated, the Embassy of the Czech Republic will not authenticate signatures on documents that conflict with Czech legislation. Also, signatures on blank pages will not be authenticated.

It is not possible to legalize signature without you being present at the Embassy, by fax, email or based on power of attorney.

Certification of a True Copy

The Embassy can certify a true copy made of an original document, or certified copy or transcription.


To certify a true copy, you must:

  • submit the original document;
  • submit the copy/copies of the document (we can photocopy the document - a fee is charged); and
  • pay the administrative fee in cash in NIS.

NOTE: We will not certify a copy of any proof of identification (such as passports, ID cards, drivers licenses etc.), bankbooks, cheques, tickets, coupons, geometric or technical designes. We will also not certify a copy of an original document that has modifications that could impair its credibility, or its contents may not be reliably evaluated by the Embassy.

Certified Translations of Foreign Documents

The Embassy can only verify translations from English to Czech or Czech to English. For translations from Hebrew to Czech or Czech to Hebrew, please refer to our information on translators on our website. 


To authenticate a translation, the applicant must:

  • submit the original document
  • submit the translation (we suggest all the translations are provided on USB or emailed to us, so we can easily make corrections and print the final version of the translation)
  • pay the administrative fee in cash in NIS.


The Embassy can help you with getting an Apostille from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.  An applicant should come in person with the respective Czech public document during our office hours. 

The Apostille authorities of the Czech Republic (issuing an Apostille on the Czech Public Documents) are:

a) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (not for court or notary documents)


b) Ministry of Justice (judicial or notary documents)