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Guide to Marriage in the Czech Republic

Guide to Marriage in the Czech Republic

Note: This information is a guide. Contact the marriage-performing institution for further information.

Citizens of the Czech Republic, who have their permanent residency in the Czech Republic, submit to the marriage-performing institution the following documents:
- birth certificate;
- citizenship document;
- extract from the Citizens´ Information System about marital status and permanent residence.
Note: Citizenship confirmation and extract are not needed, if the marriage-performing institution can verify the data itself, or if personal identification document ("občanský průkaz") is presented.

Foreign nationals submit to the marriage-performing institution the following documents:
- birth certificate (which includes first name, last name, date of birth, and data about parents);
- citizenship document;
- confirmation of marital status and permanent residence (issued by the country of citizenship);
- document attesting legal eligibility to enter into marriage (Israeli citizens request this document from the Embassy of Israel in Prague may not be older than six months);
- document issued by the Foreigners´ Police of the Czech Republic certifying that the stay in the Czech Republic is legal (may not be older than seven days; in Prague, the issuing office is located on Koněvova Street, hours for public Mo and Wed 7.30-17 and Tue and Th 7-14; you will be asked to present passport, registration slip, and proof of health insurance);
- personal ID (for example passport);
- divorced persons will present divorce court decision, widowed persons will present death certificate of the formal spouse.

The marriage performing institution will provide information about fees.

All public documents issued outside of the Czech Republic must be legalized, as applicable. Public documents issued in Israel must be equipped with a certificate of authenticity of signature - the so-called Apostille, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a Magistrates Court.

The official language for communication is Czech. Documents must be translated by a Czech court translator. Czech court translator will be present during the ceremony. Click here for the list of Czech court translators.