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Call for proposals for Local Small Scale Projects 2021

(This article expired 26.10.2020.)

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tirana have the pleasure to launch its annual call for proposals for the Local Small Scale Projects 2021. Deadline for submitting project proposals is 9 October 2020 at 15.00.

Conditions for submitting proposals are as follows:

Proposals may be submitted to the Embassy only by a local entity (Implementer of the Project) that have a legal personality registered in Albania.

Only one Proposal from the same Implementer may be submitted.

Implementer must be entitled to receive funds from the Czech Development Cooperation. Local Small Scale Projects cannot be implemented by a central state administration body, nor by a political party or movement. The Implementer can be, for example, an educational, medical, social or cultural institution, a non-governmental non-profit organization, a cooperative, and a territorial administrative unit. The Implementer assumes full responsibility for the material implementation of the project. The budget allocated to the project cannot cover the overhead costs of the implementer.

Proposal must be submitted on the identification form in Czech or English version that is available hereunder. Attachments are not desirable. The identification form must be duly completed in all parts and signed by the authorized person. In the case of non-state entities, a copy of the document attesting Implementer's legal personality together with a document certifying that the authorised person is entitled to act on behalf of the Implementer in Albania must be attached.

It is desirable that the Implementer would cooperate with Czech subjects, e.g. would purchase Czech products, use Czech know-how etc.

Projects should aim for their own sustainability (without the need for long-term support from the Czech Republic) and meet goals of the Czech Development Cooperation Strategy.

Czech financial contribution for the project is 200,000 CZK – 500,000 CZK (co-financing from other sources is arbitrary and desirable), the Embassy exchange rate for September to be used for identification form is:  1 ALL = 0,222470 CZK. The grant will be provided in ALL in the rate valid in the day of transfer.

Implementation date: March/April (after signing the contract) until 31 October 2021 (the project must be financially closed by the end of October 2021). For more details please read „Instructions for Implementers“ available hereunder.

The proposal must be submitted to the Embassy not later than by 9 October 2020 at 15.00 both in paper and electronic (scanned) form.

Paper form (in sealed envelope addressed to Attn. Mr Petr Vlk and marked “Call for Local Small Scale Projects 2021”) must be delivered to: Embassy of the Czech Republic, Rruga Skënderbej No. 10, Tirana, electronic form must be delivered to petr_vlk@mzv.cz .

Identifikační formulář 2021 (XLS, 74 KB)

Identification form 2021 (XLS, 71 KB)

Instructions for Implementers (DOCX, 27 KB)