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Travelling to the Czech Republic

The rules and conditions for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and current quarantine measures

Detailed information on entry and stay and currect quarantine measures valid in the territory of the Czech Republic can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic


Due to the critical epidemiological situation, the Czech Republic has instituted a crisis measure banning free movement of persons on the territory of the Czech Republicb, effective October 22.

Only essential travel to the Czech Republic is allowed.

Travel for the purpose of tourism or visit of friends is not allowed. This will concern primarily persons from the so-called green countries who up until now were allowed to enter without restrictions. This has changed now and essential travel requirement concerns persons from the so-called green countries as well.

Restrictions include for example closure of hotels and other accommodation facilities (for touristic purpose) or limiting gathering in public to two persons only (unless from the same household).

These measures do not affect cross-border workers.

We remind everybody arriving to the Czech Republic to become familiar with the arrival quarantine measures. Persons arriving from other than the so-called green countries must fill out an arrival form prior to the travel and get tested for covid-19 immediately after arrival – make sure to follow guidelines given here.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Decision on crisis measure (PDF, 230 KB)

The rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures are  defined at the Protective Measure aiming to provide protection from introduction of the disease COVID-19, caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (further referred to as "Protective Measure")  which can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.  

Foreign nationals without a residence permit in EU cannot currently travel to the Czech Republic, eg. for tourism or other purposes. Visa-free foreigners can travel to the Czech Republic only in extraordinary urgent cases as defined at the Protective Measure, in other cases it is necessary to apply for long-term visa/stay for the particular purpose (eg. study). Information on visa applications.

All persons travelling from countries that are not on the list of the countries with a low risk of contagion (Albania is not on the list) have the obligation to  submit an on-line arrival form. Electronic form is available here: Public Health Passanger Locator Form. This form has to be submitted also during the border control or the controls during the stay in the territory.  The form may be printed out or displayed on a mobile device and shown on arrival in the Czech Republic. The form also includes a section on fellow passengers, which need only be completed if they are family members under the age of 18. These persons need not therefore complete their own form, but are part of the form to be completed by an adult. After completion and submission of the form, a confirmation of completion will be sent to the user at the e-mail address given in the form. The e-mail contains a QR code and a link to display the entire confirmation, including all data provided. After scanning on any mobile phone, the QR code will display the on-line version of the confirmation for verification. The displayed verification contains all the data provided.

Arriving persons are obliged to undergo a PCR test in the Czech Republic within 5 days from the arrival.  Testing centres in the Czech Republic (in Czech only).  It is also be possible to submit a PCR test result that was issued by other EU member country. This document have to be delivered to the respective hygienic station immediately after the arrival and cannot be older than 72 hours. This rule applies to the Czech citizens, EU citizens and third-country nationals with a long-term or permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic or other EU country.

From the above mentioned measures are exempted employees of international transport firms, EU citizens and foreigners with a long-term or permanent residence permit in the EU passing through the Czech Republic in 12 hours or less, as well as diplomats and officials of international organizations registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, provided that their stay in the territory of the Czech Republic does not exceed 14 days.

 Information on entry of foreign nationals to the territory of the Czech Republic to be found on the website of Ministry of InteriorStep-by-step guide on quarantine measures


As stated by the Protective Measure (see above) EU citizens and foreign nationals with permitted long-term or permanent residence in the European Union can transit across the Czech Republic for up to 12 hours without the need of a PCR test or any qurantine measures.



Foreign nationals who are in a partnership with a citizen of the Czech Republic or with a citizen of the EU with temporary residence in the Czech Republic and who do not need a visa for a short-term stay of up to 90 days, can arrive in the Czech Republic on a visa-free basis based on a confirmation for entry issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More details to be found here



Email hotline for inquiries related to the entry into the territory of the Czech Republic: cestovani.covid19@mvcr.cz  or you can contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Albania: tel. +355 4 223 4004, email: tirana@embassy.mzv.cz

Information on entry of foreign nationals to the territory of the Czech Republic to be found on the website of Ministry of Interior 

Current situation of COVID-19 epidemic in the Czech Republic - Ministry of Health

Important COVID-19 measures for foreigners -  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Statewide information line on COVID-19 in the Czech Republic - 1221