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Second Czech Language Certificate Exam was held in Japan

(This article expired 31.12.2022 / 17:41.)

On December 8 and 9, 2018, one year after the first examination, the second Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE) was held in Japan. The great interest of Japanese students, as well as other citizens, in taking this exam was very pleasing. This year, a total of 37 candidates were enrolled in the CCE at all A1 - C1 levels.

Czech Language Certificate Exam is organized by the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies at Charles University which lecturer comes to Tokyo to assist this exam, which means that candidates for the Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE) can take it directly in Japan without the need to travel abroad. Tokyo is thus an important place which enables passing this exam for the whole East Asia, but, technically speaking, for the whole Asia as well, since the CCE has not yet been held in another CCE center in Hanoi.

In Japan, the CCE is held in cooperation with the Czech Centre Tokyo and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and its Department of Czech studies where over 10 students enrolled in the Czech language major graduate every year. However, the Czech language is being taught in other places, including universities, other institutions and also in private lessons.

The CCE exam is offered on five levels of difficulty, A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 (A1 is the most basic). It consists of a written part, i.e. reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing (in the case of B2 and C1 levels, a grammatical and lexical test is included), and an oral part, i.e. speaking. Candidates who have reached the age of 16 on the day of the examination and for whom the Czech language is not the mother tongue may apply for the CCE exam.

Teaching the Czech language in this range and at such a level certainly contributes to the promotion of the good reputation of the Czech Republic, brings more interest in the Czech culture, promotes tourism, and also helps Japanese investors in the Czech Republic whose staff often attend Czech language courses before their departure to the Czech Republic. In view of the fact that the exam is recognized by a number of universities and employers in the Czech Republic and abroad, its passing can help applicants in admissions to  universities or in their working career.