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Useful Links


Name : Czech Accreditation Institute

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.cai.cz/default.aspx?id=45

Description : A national accreditation body. It provides services to state and private organizations in all fields of accreditation in conformity with valid legal regulations. The principle is based on the EC position as defined in the Global Conception of Testing and Certification.


Name : Supreme Audit Office

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.nku.cz/default-en.htm

Description : An independent supreme audit office, being dependent neither on the legislative power (parliament) nor on the executive power (government). To the maximum degree, political influences on its work are eliminated.


Name : Automotive Industry Association

Type : Association

URL : http://www.autosap.cz/default-e.asp

Description : An industrial grouping of the manufacturing, commercial and other companies which make up the Czech automotive and allied industries. The main aims are to develop the Czech automotive industry as a specific branch of the national economy.


Name : Czech National Bank

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.cnb.cz/en/index.html

Description : The central bank of the Czech Republic and the supervisor of the Czech financial market. It is vested with the powers of an administrative authority to the extent stipulated by law. It manages the assets entrusted to it by the state independently and with due diligence.

Name : eBanka

Type : Private

URL : http://www.ebanka.com/

Description : A dynamic and modern bank offering a wide range of banking services for individuals and companies. It is the first bank in the Czech Republic to offer direct banking. Always few steps ahead of other banks by the constant improvement of the current and fast development of new services.

Name : Komercni Banka

Type : Private

URL : http://www.kb.cz/en/index.shtml

Description : Provides comprehensive services for clients in retail, corporate and investment banking. 7,400 employees serve more than 1,500,000 clients, who can use an extensive network of 361 branches throughout the Czech Republic. Komerční banka operates 623 ATMs, and more than 800 000 of its clients use one of the direct banking channels.

Name : Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Holland) N.V. Prague Branch

Type : Private

URL : http://www.bk.mufg.jp/english/index.html

Description : One of the world's largest banks with an asset of around USD $1.7 trillion and close to 700 branches in Japan plus more than 105 branches overseas. It was formed with the merger of Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group (MTFG), formerly Japan's second-largest banking conglomerate, and Osaka-based UFJ Holdings, which was then Japan's fourth-largest banking group. The core banking units of the group were merged on January 1, 2006. The headquarters are located in Tokyo.

Name : World Bank - local Czech agency

Type : United Nations

URL : http://www.worldbank.cz/

Description : A vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries. It is a bank made up of two unique development institutions owned by 184 member countries - the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA).


Name : Czech Biotech Information

Type : Private

URL : http://www.gate2biotech.com

Description : Aims to facilitate the communication inside and outside the country through networking and develop the biotechnology sector in the Czech Republic. Gate2Biotech has been created by South Moravian Innovation Centre with support of CzechInvest.


Name : Chamber of Commerce - Brno

Type : Association

URL : http://www.ohkbrno.cz/_ohkbrno/en/index.php

Description : An independent legal body within the network of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic to support entrepreneurial activities, promote and ensure interests of its members.

Name : Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic Olomouc

Type : Association

URL : http://www.hkol.cz/indexe.htm

Description : A prestigious organisation representing regional entrepreneurs, which adheres to the law and supports all entrepreneurial activities and protects all stakeholders. It also supports various business interest groups with the ultimate aim of securing the economic prosperity of the region. The activities are aimed at creation and improvements of the business environment for entrepreneurs.

Name : International Chamber of Commerce - Czech Republic

Type : Association

URL : http://www.icc-cr.cz

Description : The world business organization, the only representative body that speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world. ICC promotes an open international trade and investment system and the market economy.

Name : Economic Chamber of Commerce

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.komora.cz/index.aspx

Description : The main task is to support the entrepreneurial climate and the development of trade and it focuses most of its products and services on this task. A comprehensive range of professional services in all areas relating to trade, industry and commerce is available to all representatives of the business community in the Czech Republic.

Name : ABC

Type : Private

URL : http://www.abc.cz:88/

Description : A marketplace for both offers and inquiries. The site will facilitate the exchange of announcements between suppliers and buyers including companies.

Name : Czech and Slovak Connections

Type : Private

URL : http://www.czech.com/

Description : A self-funding private sector organization devoted to promoting business, investment and cultural activity between the U.S. and the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Name : Czechcompanies.net

Type : Private

URL : http://www.webset.cz/english/czech_company_formation.htm

Description : Provides all the necessary formalities quickly and costlessly for establishing a company to run a business or to extend business activities through a new legal entity. A new company may be established within 3 - 4 weeks, including registration in the Companies Register.

Name : Kompass

Type : Private

URL : http://www.glass.cz/default.asp?lang=en&pid=15

Description : An internet showroom where campanies engaged in the glass and jewellery production can exhibit their products within a virtual marketplace. More than 480 companies are registered on the site.


Name : Association of Chemical Industry

Type : Association

URL : http://www.schp.cz/schp/index2.html

Description : Enhances the interest of general public for education, teaching, research and development and their industrial application within chemistry. Its main target is the positive presentation of the parties, explanation of the importance of chemistry, influence of chemistry to the environment, etc.

Name : Czech Chemical Society

Type : Association

URL : http://www.csch.cz/

Description : A voluntary association of manufacturing, commercial, designing, research and advisory organisations with relations to chemical, pharma-ceutical, petrochemical, and rubber and plastics industries. The association embraces a total of one hundred-three member companies.

Competition Protection

Name : Office for the Protection of Competition

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.compet.cz/en/

Description : Creates conditions for competition to flourish, oversees public procurement and, together with the European Commission, supervises the allocation of public funds. As a central body of the state administration, the Office is entirely independent in its decision-making process.


Name : Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

Type : Private

URL : http://www.spcr.cz/en/basic_info/who.php

Description : A voluntary organization uniting employers and entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic in the field of industry and transportation. Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic is fully independent of the government, political parties and trade unions.


Name : EU Customs Tariff

Type : European Union

URL : http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/dds/cgi-bin/tarchap?Lang=EN

Description : Customs tarrif in EU can be searched by specifying a TARIC code, country of origin/destination, simulation date or by browsing in Sections and Chapters. The contact and other information are also available on the site.


Name : Czech and Moravian Electrical and Electronic Association

Type : Association

URL : http://www.electroindustry.cz/index.php?option=displaypage&Itemid=60&op=page&SubMenu=60

Description : A free union of entrepreneurs and employers and associates the most significant domestic producers and suppliers of the electrical and electronic industries as well as of information technology.


Name : BVV - Fairs and Exhibitions in Brno

Type : Investment & Trade Contacts

URL : http://www.bvv.cz/homepage-gb

Description : The center of international fairs in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe for more than 70 years. The member of the World Trade Center Association and the following organizations and associations: UFI, INTEREXPO, OSPI, SOVA.

Name : EXPO

Type : Private

URL : http://www.expo.cz/index.asp?l=2

Description : Introduces the exhibitions taken place within the Czech Republic and provide the regarding information such as catalogue, press reports, seminars, world shows, yellow pages, bulletin board, discusstion, etc.

Name : Expodatabase

Type : Private

URL : http://www.expodatabase.com/

Description : Provides a total information about fairs and exhibitions worldwide. Finding tradeshows, suppliers, organisers, managers and others are easily conducted by search.

Name : Icaris

Type : Private

URL : http://www.icaris.cz/ica-eng-head.htm

Description : Provides organization of conferences, congresses and meetings of various kinds in the field of science, industry and culture or act as a local agent for foreign companies and-or institutions who want to organize meetings, sessions and consultations in the Czech Republic.

Name : Incheba

Type : Private

URL : http://www.incheba.cz/main.php?pageid=1145

Description : One of the most important companies organising exhibitions and fairs in the Czech Republic. Every year, Incheba Praha organises about thirty exhibitions and fairs.

Name : Prague Exhibition Center Letňany

Type : Private

URL : http://www.pva.cz/index-en.asp

Description : The partner of the Capital City of Prague in the project whose objective is to create a Modern Letnany Exhibition Centre in Prague.

Name : Terinvest

Type : Private

URL : http://www.terinvest.com

Description : The main business activity is to organize trade fairs and exhibitions. Further concerns include advertising, rental of mobile halls and marguee tents, organisation of services, marketing, congresses, publishing, production, electrical installation/plumbing work and contruction.

Fashion Materials

Name : Czech Association of Textile - Clothing - Leather Industry

Type : Association

URL : http://www.atok.cz/default.asp?lg=en

Description : The foremost enterprise association in the Czech Republic´s textile, apparel and leather sector. It is an important point for the establishment of the new business contacts as well as the spot for exchanging information on business, economy and technologies.


Name : Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.szpi.gov.cz/eng/

Description : Inspects foodstuffs, raw material for their production, agriculture products and tobacco products. These competences apply to the production, storage, transport and sale (including import).


Name : Czech Forging Industry Association

Type : Association

URL : http://www.skcr.org/en/index.php

Description : The Czech Forging Industry Association. The activities embrace representation and defence of the members´ joint interests, support to the forging industry, increasing of the proffesional standard of the forging industry and its workers, and provision of information and publicity.


Name : Foundry Association of the Czech Republic

Type : Association

URL : http://www.svazslevaren.cz/en/index.htm

Description : Foundry Association of the Czech Republic. Members are foundries, pattern shops, commercial enterprises, research and design institutes and foundry departments of universities. It is an employers´ and professional organization, and a member of the Association of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

General Information

Name : Delegation of the European Commission to the Czech Republic

Type : European Union

URL : http://www.evropska-unie.cz/eng/

Description : Gateway to the European Union. Supply all kinds of information on European Union; Discover the EU, Living in the EU, Interact with the EU, the EU day by day, Activities, Institutions, Online Library and more.

Name : European Union On-line

Type : European Union

URL : http://europa.eu/

Description : The introduction of the European Union. The member states delegate sovereignty for certain matters to independent institutions which represent the interests of the Union as a whole, its member countries and its citizens.

Name : Czech Republic

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.czechtourism.com

Description : The Czech tourist authority. Organizes familiarization trips for incoming travel agencies and foreign journalists to present the Czech Republic at trade fairs. Its important task is the support of the country´s tourist regions (holding seminars, regional presentations, rural tourism, etc.).

Name : Czech.cz - Official Website

Type : Ministries

URL : http://www.czech.cz/

Description : The official website of the Czech Republic. A variety of useful information is provided on the site: to get to know the Czech Republic, its economy, business and science, tourism and sport, cultural heritage, work and study, etc.

Name : Home in the Czech Republic

Type : News & Information Sources

URL : http://www.en.domavcr.cz/

Description : Facilitates the foreigner´s living in the Czech Republic. A number of practical advice for living can be found on the site as well as various interesting news from the societal life of communities living in the Czech Republic.

Name : Czech Language and Culture

Type : Private

URL : http://www.bohemica.com/

Description : Provides variety of information for the student of Czech language and culture; Language, Culture, Teachers, Linguistics, Translation, Links, Blog, Bookstore, Learning Photo Gallery, Forum, Course, etc.

Glass, Ceramics and Jewellery

Name : Association of Glass and Ceramics Industry

Type : Association

URL : http://www.askpcr.cz/eng/index.htm

Description : A voluntary association of producers of sheet, container, technical and utility glassware, glass and ceramic fibres, utility and technical chinaware, utility and sanitary ware and heatproof materials for construction of industrial furnaces, machinery-technological facilities, commercial organisations, specialised schools, research institutes and professional journals publishing houses.

Name : Glass, Ceramics and Jewellery Manufacturers of the CR

Type : Private

URL : http://www3.kompass.com/kinl/en/

Description : A powerful business to business search engine with 2M companies in 70 countries, referenced by 54.000 product & service keywords, 750.000 trade names and 3.5M executive names in the database.


Name : Czech Insurance Association

Type : Association

URL : http://www.cap.cz/english/

Description : Trade association of commercial insurance companies and associated members. Its role is to defend and represent interests of member insurance companies, to initiate amendments to legislation and to prepare opinions to drafts of legal acts, to care about adherence to the Code of Ethics in the insurance industry and to promote the importance of insurance.

Name : Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation

Type : Private

URL : http://www.egap.cz/index_en.php

Description : Part of the state export support programme, provides insurance services to all exporters of Czech goods irrespective of their size, legal form and volume of insured exports.


Name : Association for Foreign Investments (AFI)

Type : Association

URL : http://www.afi.cz/en/

Description : An association for foreign investments that represents a group of service companies with local experiences which support the entry of foreign investors to the Czech Republic and offer them a wide range of professional services.

Name : CzechInvest - Investment and Business Development Agency

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.czechinvest.org/ci/ci_an.nsf/MainFrm?OpenPage

Description : The investment and business development agency of the Czech Republic, whose services and development programmes contribute to attracting foreign investment and to developing Czech companies. Its mission is to support investment activities to the highest level of competence not only through the information service and consultancy but also by linkage with structural funds of the EU.


Name : Arbitration Court

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.arbcourt.cz/en_index.php?url=en_obsah.htm

Description : Provides the information on the arbitration proceeding, arbitration court organisation, recommended words of arbitration clauses in contracts, list of arbitrators, rules, principles governing the costs, etc.

Name : Czech Judicial System

Type : Ministries

URL : http://portal.justice.cz/uvod/JusticeEN.aspx

Description : The official server of Czech judicial system of the Ministry of Justice. With this server system, a quick search can be easily done by name, by person, by directory and by text.

Market Research

Name : Ultex

Type : Private

URL : http://www.ultex.cz/for.htm

Description : An independent agency for market research and for public opinion research. The know-how, acquired in more than 25-years of experience in the British market by its mother company, has been adapted to the local conditions and further developed.

News & Information

Name : Czech Business Weekly

Type : Private

URL : http://www.cbw.cz/

Description : Aims to provide breaking news in all business sectors ranging from banking and finance, to real estate and tourism, telecommunications and IT. Some 10,000 copies of the Czech Business Weekly are distributed each week. Serious about its responsibility to be accurate, fair and objective and to report issues of interest to the business community as well as the wider public.

Name : Financial News

Type : Private

URL : http://www.ceskenoviny.cz/news/

Description : Vydavatelem Českých novin je Neris s r.o., agentura ČTK pro Internet a nová média. České noviny patří mezi nejnavštěvovanější zpravodajské weby a jejich páteří jsou aktuální informace a vyvážené, prověřené a objektivní zpravodajství z domova, ze světa, ekonomiky, kultury a sportu, regionální informace z Prahy a nechybí ani kontinuální zpravodajství o dopravě či počasí, vše z produkce ČTK. Aktuální a průběžné nekomentované zpravodajství 24 hodin denně, živé rozhovory, ankety, foto, zvuk, chat.

Name : Prague Daily Monitor

Type : Private

URL : http://www.praguemonitor.com/

Description : Offers a wide range of information about the Czech Republic, as well as the "Roma pages", which offer a glimpse of daily life for members of the Czech Republic's Roma minority. The success of the Internet team can be seen in the rising numbers visiting the site. In 2001, the site was recording an average of 50,000 individual sessions per month.

Name : Radio Prague - on line

Type : Private

URL : http://www.radio.cz/en/

Description : The most popular and widely circulated English-language weekly newspaper in the Czech Republic. The Post has built a regional reputation for excellence in community and national journalism. The Post provides its readers with a thorough and thoughtful overview of current events in the Czech Republic and neighboring states.

Name : The Prague Post Online

Type : Private

URL : http://www.praguepost.cz/

Description : An electronic daily news, the most complete source for Czech news in English. Available online or via email. Free subscription. Client-specific media monitoring based on the topics and keywords you choose. It serves the European Commission's Representation in Prague and other public institutions.


Name : Industrial Property Office

Type : Government Bodies

URL : ht tp://isdvapl.upv.cz/servlet/page?_pageid=82,110&_dad=portal30&_schema=PORTAL30

Description : A central body of state administration of the Czech Republic. The Office performs a function of a patent and trademark office. As a body of state administration, the Office is a director and coordinator for international treaties on protection of industrial property rights under which is the Czech Republic.


Name : Czech Republic Government Office

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.vlada.cz/defaultEN.html

Description : The official website of the the Government of the Czech Republic, the supreme body of the executive power and is comprised of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, and Ministers.

Name : Office of President

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.hrad.cz/cz/

Description : The official website of the Prague Castle, the office of the President of the Czech Republic.

Name : Senate

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.senat.cz/index-eng.php

Description : The official website of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

Real Estate

Name : Association of Real Estate Agencies of the Czech Republic

Type : Association

URL : http://www.arkcr.org/?PHPSESSID=416c7015cda566ecd6f94cde94776f2e

Description : The largest professional association of service providers in the field of real estate in the Czech Republic. It has more than 200 members. The main tasks are to bring together business people working in the real estate market, and protect and support their interests, especially in the legislative context.

Science & Technology / Research

Name : Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Engineering Technique

Type : Association

URL : http://www.sst.cz/index.php?ln=en

Description : One of the greatest accredited test and certification authorities in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1950, as the former company Kovotechna, national enterprise.

Name : Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies

Type : Association

URL : http://www.csvts.cz/eng/index.htm

Description : A union of natural persons and legal entities that support an efficient course of the innovation process from the outcome of science and research as far as to the practice, participate in successful establishment of small and medium sized innovation firms, transfer of technology, hi-tech, and among others provide supporting services utilising infrastructure available.

Name : Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Type : Academia

URL : http://www.cas.cz/index.html.en

Description : An association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Engineering Technique associates about 40 significant manufacturing and supply organizations, and is an important partner of government istitutions, the Economic Chamber and confederation of industry of the Czech Republic.

Name : Engineering Test Institute

Type : Academia

URL : http://www.szutest.cz/cgi-bin/page.php?en/main

Description : A voluntary organization of 66 independent scientific and technical Societies, which activities are particularly aimed at organizing and holding international conferences, seminars, educational and professional activities, presentation of firms (Logo) within the scope of the days of the professional branches and firms, arranging club activities for the scientific and engineering research workers, organizing thematic exhibition and fair tours.

Name : Society of Science and Technology Parks

Type : Private

URL : http://eng.svtp.cz/index.php

Description : A union of natural persons and legal entities that support an efficient course of the innovation process from the outcome of science and research as far as to the practice, participate in successful establishment of small and medium sized innovation firms, transfer of technology, hi-tech, and among others provide supporting services utilising infrastructure available.


Name : Czech Statistical Office

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.czso.cz/eng/redakce.nsf/i/home

Description : Provides diversified information from various field such as the Czech economy, society, labour market, environment, etc. An extensive discovery of the Czech Republic may be easily done.

Stock Exchange

Name : Prague Stock Exchange

Type : Private

URL : http://www.pse.cz/default.asp?language=english

Description : The biggest organiser of the securities market in the Czech Republic. The Prague Stock Exchange provides comprehensive data from trading, including statistical overviews, information about issues and issuers, operations of the Exchange, legislation governing the Exchange and much other information from various areas of the Exchange's activities.


Type : Private

URL : http://www.rmsystem.cz/eng/Default.asp

Description : Stands in the securities market as an organiser of off-exchange trading. As its activities are based on a user principle, no limitations exist in accessing the market. Any individual or company, Czech or foreign, can utilise the services provided by the Company. The activites is authorised by the Czech capital markets regulator - the Czech Securities Commission.


Name : Czech Exporter´s Directory

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://exporters.czechtrade.cz/Global

Description : Introduces Czech exporting companies, which are successful on the Czech market either in case of their export, production and business cooperation with foreign partners. The database is divided according to branches, regions and alphabetically.

Name : CzechTrade - National Trade Promotion Agency

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.czechtradeoffices.com

Description : An exclusive service provided by CzechTrade, a government agency managed by the Czech Republic´s Ministry of Industry and Trade. This service is offered FREE OF CHARGE to all foreign entrepreneurs who are looking for the new suppliers in the Czech Republic.

Name : Your Czech Supplier

Type : Government Bodies

URL : http://www.supplier.cz/

Description : The main objective is to promote international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign companies. CzechTrade´s professional information, assistance and consulting services accompany Czech exporters to foreign markets, and the agency is a contact partner for firms entering the Czech market, seeking interesting and reliable business partners and suppliers.

Name : CTO - Czech Trade Office

Type : Private

URL : http://www.cto.cz/en/index.php

Description : A young and flexible company, which adapts to the needs and plans of customers. Czech Trade Office has helped about five hundred clients to find best business partners, enter new markets and establish their business in the Czech Republic.

Translation / Localization / Interpretation Services

Name:Central and Eastern European Translations Ltd. (CEET Ltd.)



Description:Prague-based company with a branch office in the USA offers expert localization services, translations and interpreting from and into a wide range of (not only) European languages. By adhering to the top proficiency and quality standards, we set the benchmark for the whole Central and Eastern European region.