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Address: 2-16-14 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokio 150-0012










Mr. Štěpán PAVLÍK

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+7 hrs summer time

with the Czech Republic

+8 hrs winter time

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Monday - Friday 10:00 – 16:15

Mr. Štěpán PAVLÍK

Mr. Štěpán PAVLÍK

Main tasks of CzechTourism

The main objective of CzechTourism is to promote the Czech Republic as a travel destination abroad and in the Czech Republic. To achieve this, CzechTourism has the following main tasks:

- provision, support and coordination of marketing activities on the domestic and foreign markets,

- support of all-round development of tourism,

- cooperation in the field of tourism with both state and local authorities, professional organizations, financial institutions, schools, research and advisory institutions and analogous foreign institutions,

- creation of a favorable image of the Czech Republic as a tourist destination and its promotion on the domestic and especially foreign market,

- identification and development of priority products specific to the Czech Republic destination,

- support of creation of tourism products with environmentally friendly approach,

- providing cooperation with domestic and foreign journalists and media,

- information service for the tourism industry in the Czech Republic, in particular the issuing of expert reports containing primarily marketing and regional information,

- cooperation in the creation of a national tourist information system,

- publishing promotional materials about the Czech Republic in the relevant language versions,

- cooperation with regions in the Czech Republic, engagement in the creation of natural tourism areas, influence in their tourist development and attractiveness,

- acting on the Czech public in order to encourage friendly behavior towards foreign guests and to emphasize the importance of tourism for the Czech Republic,

- establishment of representations abroad in order to inform foreign journalists, experts and the general public about the offer of tourism in the Czech Republic and to promote the sale of national tourism products