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Visas and Consular Info

Entry to the Czech Republic from 7 June 2021

Starting 7 June 2021, Japan was added to the list on low-risk (green) countries. Travellers from these countries can enter to the Czech Republic without any restrictions. more ►


Visa and Consular Fees (valid as of June 1st, 2021). The Consular and Visa fees can be paid either in cash (only in JPY) or by international payment cards. In this case, the payments are to be made in CZK and EURO, while banks may charge for… more ►

EU continues to actively support vaccine production and global distribution


The European Union and its Member States, including the Czech Republic, actively support vaccine production and its distribution to Japan and the other countries in the world. more ►

The conditions for entry of persons to the Czech Republic change with effect from Friday February 5th, 2021


These new rules apply both to arrivals of foreign nationals and to the returns of Czech citizens and residents to the Czech Republic. more ►

Adaptation and Integration Course - new obligation for foreign nationals


Every foreign national who, as of 1 January 2021, is issued a long-term residence permit for the territory of the Czech Republic, and also every foreign national who is issued a permanent residence permit after this date without the precondition… more ►

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