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Czech That Film Festival introduced for the first time in Toronto

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Toronto in cooperation with the oldest working movie theater in Toronto, The Revue Cinema established in 1911, organized the Canadian premiere of the film festival Czech That Film. The festival took place from April 27 to May 1, 2017 and featured a selection of six movies from the current Czech cinema.  Before the opening, The Toronto Star, the city’s highest circulating newspaper, published a short article about the festival.

From the first day of the festival, which was officially opened by the Consul General Ivan Počuch and the Revue Cinema’s programming director Eric Veilette, there was indication of considerable interest not just from the Czech community, but also from the wider Canadian public knowledgeable about Czech cinema.

One of the screened movies, The Devil’s Mistress (Lída Baarová), directed by Filip Renč, was received very favourably. Director Jan Hřebejk, who was a special guest of the festival on April 29, personally introduced his movie, The Teacher and after the screening responded to many questions from the large audience.

Director Jan Hrebejk and Consul General Ivan Pocuch

In honour of director Hřebejk, Consul General Ivan Počuch held a luncheon attended by twenty prominent representatives of the Czech community in Toronto who sponsor and otherwise support activities of various Czech associations in Toronto.  The luncheon represented a great opportunity to discuss the state, achievements and issues of Czech culture as well as activities, plans and challenges that arise from the efforts of Czech communities abroad attempting to keep ties with their home country.

Ivan Pocuch, Jan Hrebejk and members of the Czech community

Throughout the festival days the Consulate noted positive responses both from the Czech community and from the Canadian general public. The consulate gained experience in organizing the festival for the future. The experience, in particular, will aid in the timing and effective marketing of the festival. The festival has the potential to become a foundation on which we can build and extend the awareness and knowledge of the Czech Republic in the present as well its history and culture among Canadians.


Jan Hrebejk and members of the Czech community