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CRISIS MEASURE: Only essential travel to the Czech Republic is possible

Due to the critical epidemiological situation, the Czech Republic has instituted a crisis measure banning free movement of persons on the territory of the Czech Republic, effective October 22, 2020. Only essential travel to the Czech Republic is allowed.

Travel for the purpose of tourism or visit of friends is not allowed. This will concern primarily persons from the so-called green countries , i.e. countries with a satisfactory epidemiology situation, whose citizens/residents were allowed to enter without restrictions up until now.  Canada is part of this "green countries list". This has changed now and essential travel requirement concerns persons from the so-called green countries as well. That means that travel to the Czech Republic with the simple purpose of tourism or visiting friends is not possible. The appointments for the Schengen visa application with the purpose of tourism or visiting friends are until further notice cancelled. 

Restrictions include for example closure of hotels and other accommodation facilities (for touristic purpose) or limiting gathering in public to two persons only (unless from the same household).

We remind everybody arriving to the Czech Republic to become familiar with the arrival quarantine measures. Persons arriving from other than the so-called green countries must fill out an arrival form prior to the travel and get tested for covid-19 immediately after arrival – make sure to follow guidelines given here.

Please note that as of 23 October 2020, Canada remains on the so-called green list of countries whose citizens / residents do not have to fill out the form and do not need the COVID test for travels to the Czech Republic. We will  inform on our website of any change in the epidemiological status of Canada in a timely manner.

This restriction is effective until December 12, 2020, with the possibility of extension.