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Czech – Canadian Joint Venture – grand opening of Precision Record Pressing production facility in Burlington, Ontario

May 11 2017, marked the official grand opening of Precision Record Pressing manufacturing plant in Burlington, Ontario. PRP has been established as a joint venture between Czech company GZ Media, a global vinyl plant leader, and Canada´s largest music wholesaler, Isotope.

Zdenek Pelcl, the Chairman of the Board of GZ Media, as well as the CEO, Michal Sterba, and Member of the GZ Media Board and Precision Record Pressing CEO Shawn Johnson officially announced the opening. Czech Ambassador in Canada Pavel Hrncir took part in the event as well.

The company was established as a green field, production based on 10 vinyl presses, designed and manufactured by GZ media using its own unique technology. With the annual capacity of 4 milion of vinyls, the plant is able to manufacture sets varying anything from 100 pieces to hundreds of thousands; thus offering flexibility to its customers.

PRP has plans for further expansion in the future; this includes increase in production capacity and installation of printing equipment. One of the key assets of being located in Ontario is the close proximity of US market for which Canada can be used as a natural entry point, commented Michal Sterba. The Company CEO also praised highly skilled labour and productivity of Canadian employees. As for the downsides, the regulatory burden related to an establishment of business and any associated permits seem to be comparable to Europe, where similarly high level of regulation is standard. He also adds that.. „finding the right partner in Canada was the key part of our decision-making process,“.

PRP is an excellent example of Czech company investing in Canada, and using the best of the advantages of the region as its location in Ontario provides access not only to Canadian but also to the U.S. market, including the excellent infrastructure connection. Further, average labour costs in Canada are the lowest among G7 countries and the corporate tax set at 10%  is lower than in the U.S. At the same time, Canadian labour force is highly skilled, well trained and a its low level of fluctuation is typical. Those interested in North American market can find this combination of factors quite appealing.