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Czech company Farmet participated in one of the largest Canadian agricultural trade fairs, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

As demonstrated by the case of the Czech company FARMET, Czech engineering/industrial companies have much to offer to the North American market, particularly their technology and machinery  for processing soil. Farmet is gradually gaining market share in the challenging markets in the region. Every year, FARMET´s Canadian branch participates in several trade fairs, both in Ontario and in Quebec.  Participating in these fairs showcases  not only  the technological advancement of Czech industry, but also contributes to an increased awareness of the Czech Republic as a country that produces quality products which are capable of succeeding on world markets.

In June of this year FARMET (amongst other companies) was a part of an incoming mission from Canada and the USA to the Czech Republic in which Canadian and American representatives had a chance to acquaint themselves with the Czech Republic and Czech agri - technology products. It is clear that Czech companies are able to be successful in the tough Canadian market. The estabilishment of a local company branch that can deal directly with Canadian customers can contribute considerably to their success.

It is important to note that agricultural machinery is part of a map of sectoral opportunities  (an outline of prospective sectors in Canada).

If interested in more information on the sector or agricultural fairs in the territory please contact the Czech representation in Canada (Toronto or Ottawa) or the Czech Trade agency office in Calgary.