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Certification of a True Copy

Purpose of the certification:

A certified copy is a photocopy of a filed document (the original), legal or other, in its entirety that is sworn to be a true copy by a competent authority. When presenting copies of specific documents, this official confirmation is sometimes required in order for the copy to serve the same legal purpose as the original document.


To certify a true copy, you must:

-  make an appointment via email

- submit the original document;

- submit the copy/copies of the document;

- present your identification (passport, driver s license; copy is satisfactory when applying by mail); and

- pay the administrative fee (see below).

When applying by mail, please include also self-addressed pre-paid envelope to send the documents back to you.

NOTE: We will not certify a copy of any proof of identification (such as passports, ID cards, drivers licenses etc.), bankbooks, cheques, tickets, coupons, geometric or technical designes. We will also not certify a copy of an original document that conflicts with Czech or Canadian legislation, has modifications that could impair its credibility, or its contents may not be reliably evaluated by the Consulate.

Processing time:

If you have 5 copies of the original document or less, we can process them while you wait. If you have more than 5 copies, they must be left in our office together with the original document and it will take about 3 working days to process them. The same applies in case of requests sent by mail.

Administrative fee