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Signature Authentication (Attesting a Signature)

Purpose of the authentication:

Signature authentication is an official confirmation that a signature on a document belongs to the person who has signed it. On some specific documents, such as various declarations or powers of attorney, this official confirmation is required in order for the document to be considered legally valid or serve its intended legal purpose.


To authenticate your signature on a document, you must:

-  make an appointment via email

- appear in person at the Consulate,

- present your identification (passport, "občanský průkaz", driver s license), and

- pay the administrative fee (see below).

NOTE: A consular signature authentication conveys no judgement on the part of the authentication officer as to the validity or truth of an authenticated document. Despite the fact that only signature, and not the contents, is authenticated, Consulate General of the Czech Republic will not authenticate signatures on documents that conflict with Czech legislation. Also, signatures on blank pages will not be authenticated.

Processing time:

If you have 5 documents or less, we can process them while you wait. If you have more than 5 documents, they must be left in our office for authentication and it will take about 3 working days to process them.

Administrative fee