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Criminal History Record

How to obtain a Criminal History Record from the Czech Republic

Step 1

Contact the consulate for the application form and fill it.

Step 2

Enclose a valid photo ID.

Step 3

Enclose your birth certificate. Please check that your birth certificate contains your parents names. If not you have to ask the appropriate agency for such birth certificate.

Step 4

Enclose translation of your birth certificate into the Czech or English language, only when your birth certificate is not written in latin alphabet. If not sure that it will be accepted, send an email inquiery for an approval prior to your visit.

Step 5

Up to date fees

Step 6

Take all 5 above documents and come - after making an appointment - to the Czech Consulate in Toronto to submit the application. We have to verify that you are really the person whose Czech criminal record is requested. According to Czech Privacy Act it is illegal in the Czech Republic to issue the Czech criminal record to another person than it concerns.

Please note that the Consulate General of the Czech Republic has become a part to the CzechPoint system, which allows the Criminal History Record to be issued same day to an applicant who has been assigned a Czech birth number (rodne cislo - usually assigned to every Czech citizen and to aliens with long-term and permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic). For applicants without a Czech birth number it may take few days.


application form 57 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Feb 17, 2015

criminal history record EN 103 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Apr 27, 2022