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Firearms Permit

Purpose of the application :

If you are travelling to the Czech Republic transporting a firearm and/or ammunition, you will need to present yourself to the immigration officer with a Firearms Permit. You will also need such a permit if you are sending the firearm(s) or ammunition to the Czech Republic by mail.


  • completed and signed application form(*.pdf, if possible print it out on one sheet of paper);
  • copy of your Firearms License;
  • copy of your Firearm Registration Certificate for each firearm you submitted in the application form;
  • a notarized invitation from the organizers of the hunt or sporting event;
  • if applying by mail, self-addressed pre-paid envelope or prepaid courier service.

Processing time:

If applying in person, we can process your application while you wait. If applying by mail, please allow a week to process the application.

Administrative fee


Application Firearms 1 MB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Jan 11, 2012