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Economy and Trade

Kits AQUASTERIL© for water disinfection and AQUASOL for cleaning of pipelines from AQUA PLUS Co. Czech Republic

AQUA PLUS Co. is looking for Libyan partners interested in representation of its following products: more ►

ZETOR tractors from the Czech Republic

Czech company ZETOR TRACTORS is looking for a Libyan distributor with basic service capabilities, who will purchase Zetor tractors and sell them to end customers on the Libyan market. more ►

Components for energy & heating units from Prerovske kotlarny Vlcek Company

Czech Company PŘEROVSKÉ KOTLÁRNY VLČEK s.r.o. offers global solutions for construction and reconstruction of energy plants, from small to large units, on a platform of manufacturing plants, industrial companies, heating plants and oil rafineries… more ►

Czech non alcoholic beer FORMAN from Brewery Černá Hora

BREWERY ČERNÁ HORA is the producer and exporter of ALCOHOL FREE BEER that has been developed during the last 5 years especially for export markets, such as north African regions, Arab countries and other places, where „alcohol“ is not required.… more ►

Plastic piping systems from Pipelife Czech

The company Pipelife Czech is the largest producer and seller of plastic piping systems made of PVC, PE and PP in the Czech Republic. It’s wide range of sewerage, water, gas and drainage pipes supplements range of cable ducts, pipes for internal… more ►

Oat flakes from Czech food-processing company EMCO

EMCO company is a producer of oat flakes, oat meal in four favourite flavours (apple and cinnamon, strawberries, chocolate and natural), cornflakes, flakes bars with lots of fruit and large pieces of nuts and chocolate. It is the biggest… more ►

Portable generators, piping systems, air treatment and screw compressors of ATMOS Co.

ATMOS Co is a Czech manufacturer of rotary screw compressors. The company has been on the market for more than 50 years. Production portfolio - portable screw compressors, locomotive braking system screw compressors, piston compressors and… more ►