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‘My Sweet Little Village’ in the Mongolian steppe

Within the film mini-festival "Czech history on the movie screen", at the premises of the Czech Embassy a comedy "My Sweet Little Village" was screened for the audiences on 13 November 2015. 

The romantic story of picturesque Czech village and cooperatives was made in 80s of the 20th century with excellent performances of the Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian actors and again thanks to the excellent translation the hall was filled with laughs from the beginning to end. The only incomprehensible cultural “aspect” that needed to be re-explained to Mongolian audiences was a word “paroháč”. The audiences who have seen the film for the first time or have seen several times before must have noticed despite its humorousness how the topic is sensitive about human relations and values ​​of peaceful rural life in contrast to the impersonal urban civilization of the distant located villages which are currently dramatically urbanizing in today’s Mongolia.