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Contacts for the Czech Embassy

General Information and Contacts to the Czech Embassy

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar is the only Czech diplomatic mission in Mongolia. The office hours of the Embassy are 8:15 am - 4:45 pm Monday to Friday (GMT + 6).

Phone: +(976) 11-321 886, +(976) 11-311 053

Fax: +(976) 11-323 791

Emergency call: +(976) 9902 1880, +(976) 9909 8708

Official e-mail address:

E-mail address of the Visa and Consular Department:

E-mail address of the Commercial Department:

Web page:




Location: Even though the official address of our Embassy and all other offices and buildings on our street is Olympic Street, it should be in fact Embassy Street according to the Land Registration Office, as you see on the map above. Street names, however, are not being used, so you simply ask where our Embassy is (or Japanese Embassy which is on the North side of ours or Korean Embassy which is on the East from ours). Our Embassy resides in Sky Plaza Complex, which is on the map enlisted as Ochirbat Foundation according to the largest company in the complex. Our Embassy is located 5 minutes from the main Sukhbaatar Square on foot.

If you are unfamiliar with the city we recommend that you take a taxi to the Embassy.