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Photo: TASO
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Czech technology comes to aid for construction of stone pavements in Mongolia

TASO, a Mongolian company equipped with Czech stone processing equipment from Gestra CZ, is now leading its competitors in the production of granite cubes.

TASO, whose name is a combination of the initials of the first names of the owner T. Otgonbayar and his family, was founded in 2012. Initially, the company was only engaged in the production of building formwork and its accessories based on Korean technology. Later, it incorporated the processing of natural stones for construction purposes. Mr. Otgonbayar was inspired by the story told by his parents, who visited Czechia in the 1990s. Stories about Prague's beautiful stone-paved sidewalks was instilled in his memory.

Mr. Otgonbayar, or Mr. Oko, as he likes to be called by his friends, was aware of the gaps in the Mongolian building material/stone market thanks to his many years of experience in the construction industry. Therefore, in 2015, he decided to establish his own factory for the production of granite cubes. Two years later, he was granted the permission to explore deposits and mine granite. This was followed by a trip to the Czech Republic, where he could see the sidewalks made of granite cubes, which he had heard about from stories, for the first time up close. He was impressed by their aesthetic uniqueness and durability. He sought out the company Gestra CZ, a Czech manufacturer of stone processing machines, with whom they laid the first foundations for long-term cooperation. This business idea turned out to be an excellent one soon after the first procurement between the two stone splitters. The business results of the company were beyond expectations; the demand for TASO granite cubes was so high that they could barely meet the demand. The expansion of the factory's production capacity followed quite logically. Mr. Otgonbayar once again bet on the tried and tested quality of the Czech machines of Gestra CZ. This time it was a delivery of a complete production line consisting of two splitters (43 and 150 tons) and two steel conveyors.

TASO currently produces white-gray granite cubes in several sizes and has a daily production capacity of up to 10,000 pieces. The company supplies its products mainly to residential projects, where its blocks are used to build roads modeled after the Czech ones. The total investment in Czech facilities is EUR 200,000. The project was financed from own resources and partially with a loan from a Mongolian bank.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Mongolia, Mr. Jan Vytopil highlighted: "Mongolians are well aware of Czech industry and our brands, which are recognized for their quality".

According to Mr. Otgonbayar, the recipe for success in the stone business is the competitive advantage of his company. Its granite cubes maintain straighter/more accurate shapes thanks to the Czech technology, compared to the same products from its competitors, using equipment from different countries. “This is determined by the quality of the chipper. If you want to produce the best granite cubes, you must have the best available technology of its kind, and that is the Czech one”, concludes Mr. Otgonbayar. In addition to stone processing, the company has been successfully producing building formwork for a decade.


Prepared by: Vardan Khachatryan, economic diplomat of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mongolia.