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Czechia’s participation at the NDC Partnership Forum

The Embassy of the Czech Republic participated on Oct. 3-4 2017 to NDC (National Determined Contribution) Partnership Forum hosted by The Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia and co-organized with the NDC Partnership Support Unit, Green Climate Fund and Environment and Climate Fund.  

Over 200 representatives and experts of various government agencies, development partners, international organizations and private companies  participated in this event. One of the goal of this event was also to inform the participants how to use and work with different kinds of financial mechanisms and funds created in order to finance or contribute to environmental projects focused on adaptation and mitigation of Climate changes in countries like  Mongolia.

On the side of  the NDC Forum  there was organized an exhibition of environmentally  related  development and commercial projects  realized in Mongolia by different donors or private companies. Czech embassy displayed  several succesfully accomplished  and ongoing projects  under  “Czech Development Cooperation”.

Ongoing bilateral development cooperation projects: 

  • Transfer of Know-How in the Approach to Eliminating Environmental Burdens - Phase II (Czech company Dekonta a.s.)  . Duration : 2014 - 2017
  • Development of forests and the gene pool of local forest tree ecotypes in Mongolia  (Forestry Management Institute /Brandýs n.Labem Czech Republic) Duration : 2015 - 2017

Accomplished bilateral development cooperation projects:

  • Reconstruction of the Coal Handling Workshop at the Ulaanbaatar Third Power Plant (Czech company Bohemia Muller s.r.o) Duration : 2014 - 2017
  • Modernization of the Control Room, Measurement and Control Equipment of Chemical Water Treatment Facilities in Ulaanbaatar Power Plant No. 4 (Czech company :Bohemia Muller s.r.o) Duration : 2011-2013
  • Rehabilitation of nonfunctional water sources for the drinking water supply in Ulaanbaatar city (Czech company Vodní zdroje a.s./ registered in Mongolia as ČEMUS  ). Duration : 2011 - 2013

Trilateral projects:

  • Supporting a greener and more energy efficient construction industry in Mongolia (Czech NGO : Caritas CZ) Duration : 2012 - 2016
  • Improving resource efficiency and clearer production in the Mongolian construction sector through materials recovery (Czech NGO: Caritas CZ) Duration : 2016 -2020

Special project by the Prague Zoo:

  • “The Return of Wild Horses” – reintroduction of Takhis to its home in Gobi B Special protected Area.

  Duration : 2011 - 2017

All Czech  projects attracted many of Mongolian and International experts and participants, visitors and media, because of their quality, relevance to Mongolian conditions and endevours to use its results as a good quality base for future bilateral, multilateral and commercial cooperation .

Last but not least, it was really great pleasure  to see the tangible  results out of one our previous trilateral project ( People in Need (Czech Development Agency) – Switch Asia - – company Ecowool LLC)  – when company Ecowool LLC which was participating in this event, showing their “sheep wool insulation & sheep wool items such as blanket and others”, shows sound sustainability of the project realized by Czech NGO People in Need  “Turning Sheep Wool into Environmentally Friendly Building Material Integrated Approach for Supply Chain Development” .  


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