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Photo: Tesla
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Czech Tesla batteries have entered the Mongolian market

Czech Tesla batteries entered the Mongolian market last year thanks to the assistance of the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the PROPEA project, where they are represented by the strong ZAG group and are distributed in the E-Mart and Good Price retail chains.

Representatives of the Czech company Tesla Batteries a.s. started negotiations with the management of the Mongolian ZAG Group at the end of 2019 and in April 2020 both companies signed a cooperation agreement. Based on it, Tesla shipped the first shipment of its batteries to Mongolia in June 2020 and started selling a Czech product on the Mongolian market.

Tesla Batteries a.s. founded in 2015 focuses on the development, production and supply of batteries and accumulators for consumer electronics, including portable appliances. Tesla Batteries a.s. is a proud bearer of the traditional Tesla brand, which has been producing quality electrical appliances since 1946. The Czech company supplies to EU countries, but also to the markets of other countries around the world. In 2020, the company, with the assistance of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar and the PROPEA project, expanded its export markets when it signed a representation agreement with the Mongolian company ZAG Group.

Tesla Batteries a.s. manufactures primary lithium, alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries as well as long-life rechargeable NiMH batteries. Most types are offered in several versions that correspond to the individual product lines, for example in the version for recharging or as special batteries with a long service life. The Czech company also produces Tesla power bank.

The company's philosophy is to protect the environment and natural resources, to minimize the negative impact of possible accidents, to promote and use environmentally friendly development and production resources. At the same time, it requires an environmentally sound approach from its subcontractors, in order to prevent environmental pollution and to comply with binding environmental obligations.

At present, Tesla Batteries a.s. its distributors in more than 30 countries around the world. These include the above-mentioned ZAG Group, one of the largest Mongolian companies with which Tesla has a cooperation agreement. The Mongolian company ZAG Group is a dynamic company that has been continuously operating in the construction and manufacturing materials industry for 30 years. In addition, it operates in the field of mineral extraction, education and tourism.

Since signing the contract, the ZAG Group has been very successful in placing Czech Tesla batteries on the Mongolian market for more than half a year. The batteries are sold in all branches of major retail chains "E-Mart" and "Good price". ZAG Group is now preparing to open a Tesla Batteries branded store in Ulaanbaatar and a marketing strategy. The prosperous business activities of both companies have thus become an example of a mutually beneficial merger of partner companies.

Ing. Josef Kostiha, Deputy Head of Mission