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Photo: ZÚ Ulánbátar
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Czech healthy food products score high in Mongolia

Mongolia, a steppe mountain land of white yurts, flocks of sheep, goats, camels and horses. However, today's population lives in cities rather than in remote steppes, in contact with the outside world across all continents, follows news from AI through digitalization and cultivates a healthy lifestyle.

The current trend of a healthy lifestyle has been adopted by the company Tarva Living, which has gained a premium market with its offer of organic foods and ingredients and aspires to become the main brand of healthy nutrition in Mongolia. Although the company was founded only ten months ago, in March 2020 it launched 40 foreign health food products on the Mongolian market, 21 of which carry the Czech brand Lifefood Czech Republic and 3 Topnatur. Tarva Living offers snack bars, protein bars, biscuits, chocolates, special flours and beverages. The products meet the requirements of organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and live foods. The products are not genetically modified. In the near future, Tarva Living also wants to present GOLDIM products, namely infant formula, goat milk, baby cereals and teas, teas for nursing mothers and keto products.

Lifefood Czech Republic and Topnatur products can be purchased in the capital Ulaanbaatar at 35 points of sale, in large retail chains, specialized organic shops, markets, two places in Erdenet and one in Darkhan. In addition, two online stores distribute goods to 21 Mongolian provinces. Tarva Living is also starting to accept orders via Facebook and phone calls. A model store is opened in Khanhills residence, where the distributor provides customers with product information, nutritional advice and tastings. Loving Huts and Vegan chain restaurants are also interesting in the ingredients.

The target group in Mongolia are women aged 20 to 50, people in need of gluten-free and lactose-free nutrition, mothers, vegans, vegetarians and, in fact, everyone who is interested in healthy products in any way. The Fit and Slim campaign reached 800 potential customers aged 18-35.

In Mongolia, until recently, it was literally impossible to buy health food products, they were simply not in regular stores. Consumers had to order products from abroad, and it took a month for the goods to reach Mongolia and purchase was a relatively expensive affair. Thanks to this gap in the market, Tarva Living managed to gain loyal customers in a matter of months.

Tarva Living is definitely not closing its range of offers. It welcomes cooperation with other Czech suppliers who will offer it affordable organic / healthy / sugar-free / gluten-free products such as candies, juices, biscuits, ready-made bread and confectionery, as well as organic food for gastronomy and processors (chickpeas, quinoa, brown rice, gluten-free pasta), packaged sachet-free calorie sugar, sugar substitutes, organic / vegan baby products, keto-friendly products, vegan baby products, organic products, resp. environmentally friendly products.

Iva Sustakova, economic diplomat of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar